13 kgs AND BEYOND!

Your home girl lost 13 kgs in 6 months…

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Let me explain…

(here is also my youtube vid on the matter fyi)


Stretch marks…

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Seeing new angry red stretch marks on my very round stomach slapped me to my senses. It’s surprising that it wasn’t seeing the scale go up to 96 kgs that made me have the epiphany that I was obese but instead seeing those red stretch marks caused me to (FINALLY) pay attention.


Intermittent Fasting

The majority of my weight loss happened during Ramadan of 2018 where I lost a whopping 6 kg’s and this is when I have yet to incorporate consistent exercising (I wasn’t physically active at all during the first three weeks of Ramadan and was only exercising during the last week because I had my period).


After losing the 6 kg’s I decided that it would be a waste if I didn’t continue this weight loss thing and so with that I renewed my gym membership and HIT THE GYM!

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I focused on cardio exercises for the first few weeks because I haven’t been to the gym in awhile and I was too self-conscious to try using dumbbells just yet in fear of doing it in public with the wrong form.

Slowly but surely I started to incorporate weight lifting and joined what is now my favorite fitness class which is the Step Up class.

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It was also during this period of time that my office organized a fitness bootcamp for overweight staffs.

So, my workout routine would be where I exercised 5-6 times a week with the majority of it focusing on cardio as I became more comfortable at the gym the cardio on all the cardio machines slowly became just a warm up exercise for me and I’d focus all my energy to doing weights as it was more fun for me.

I don’t have a set workout routine that I do but at the present moment I am into doing fitness challenges as a way to push myself not only physically but also mentally.¬†The challenges I am doing now is the 30 days Blogilates challenge (Abs, Inner Thighs, Arms and Booty).


Previous weight: 96 kg

Current weight: 83 kg

30_6_2018Weight_ 90 kgArms_ 15_Thighs_ 26_Waist_ 36_Butt_ 47.5_Chest_ 42_ (1)






I just really like how my butt looks here #sorrynotsorry

Borneo Marathon 2019

I have always wanted to be a running girl. The girl I see in the cute Nike outfit running lap after lap in my local park barely breaking a sweat whom you know joins marathons because they enjoy running. I wanted to be that girl.

Before I could barely jogged let alone run or even sprinted but ever since I joined this weight-loss boot-camp conducted by my office it has challenged me to push myself, to just try and its because of this boot-camp that I realized I could run. Not as fast nor as long as I had hoped but I could run and that my friends changed everything.

It made me believe that with the proper training and most importantly consistency I can run longer and dare I hope faster?

And so with that I decided to join the UNICEF Borneo Run 2019.

I will be joining the half marathon which is 21 km and I chose half marathon because the time I have to train for this marathon is sufficient enough without me having to compromise my other exercise activities nor my life. I have approximately six months to train comfortably for this half marathon; comfortably because I do not want to be stressed when training for it and also to avoid any injuries that will affect both my ability to run as well as my gym time.

It will be tons of fun (I hope) as I envision it also as a part-time holiday. I mean it is conducted in Sabah so my hopes is that after the run me and my friends can chill by the beach drinking some cocktails and just sit back and relax.

Unlike my fitness updates, I will post regular updates on how I am doing with my running and whether I have seen any improvements.

Fitness Update!

So in my last post, I talked about how I could only lift 7.5 kg dumbbells for my upper body and could only leg press 280 lbs for my leg press.


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My last max weight for leg press was 360 lbs which is 163 kg! YOU READ THAT RIGHT! THESE LEGS LEG PRESSED 163 KG!!!!!!


Man doing this fitness update post came at the right time too, I was just feeling demotivated. It wasn’t that I disliked working out anymore, not at all, I am still so obsessed with exercising and performing better in my fitness.

It’s just that the initial reason for this fitness craze was to lose weight and when you don’t see a huge drastic difference, you just start to wonder is it worth spending so much time at the gym doing weights then cardio but re-reading my last post made me realize shit I did improve.

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I improved¬†in ways that’s more than just what I weigh on a scale or how I look and damn straight did it make me feel so good to see that my max weight in leg presses went from 280 lbs to 360 lbs.


Because in my mind, I don’t think I am a HUGE girl ya know? I think I look pretty good but when I see pictures of myself and see how huge I actually am and this is after about 3 months into my fitness routine and thinking I am hot shit, it takes a toll on my self-esteem. Makes me feel like all the work I put in when I work out is not showing itself. Makes me wonder if all the intermittent fasting, all the cardio, all the strength training I do is worth it. Makes me wonder if I am going to still enjoy working out if I don’t lose weight and never get that bikini body, you know.

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So, those are my insecurities over my weight. It sucks when you are kind of okay with how you look but then outside influences *cough*nosy family members*cough* make you feel like shit by pointing out that you are the biggest among your cousins and always criticize on what you are eating.

I mean I told them I need to eat a certain amount of food because I work out so much like BITCH! I work out 5-6 sometimes 7 days as week while you be sittin on yo couch eatin shit! So, don’t tell me how much I can or cannot eat. You try working out that much and see if you can survive on less than 1200 kcal. I AM TRYING TO MAKE THIS A SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE! I don’t wanna be no stick-thin-no-ass-asian-girl you see on the street. I want thighs that can crush a watermelon! I wanna be able to legit lift and sweep the guy I like off his damn feet! and eating less than 1200 kcal ain’t gonna give me that. So, you better STFU!

Enough rambling let’s get to the stats!

30%2F6%2F2018Weight_ 90 kgArms_ 15_Thighs_ 26_Waist_ 36_Butt_ 47.5_Chest_ 42_ (1).png

Workout wise I keep changing it but so far the routine now is that I do my cardio and my strength training all in the same day.

Monday: Lower body + Cardio

Tuesday: Upper body + Cardio

Wednesday: Lower body + Abs + Cardio

Thursday: Upper body + Cardio

Friday: Lower body + Abs + Cardio

Saturday: Bootcamp

Sunday: Rest day

My fitness routine is pretty flexible, if I am not feeling too hot on a certain day then I’d scale back my weights, do high reps low weights or just do cardio.

For my strength training, I tend to focus more on basic stuff like…

  • Squats
  • Side lunges
  • Lunges
  • Push ups
  • Pull ups

Then maybe add some other stuff into that like glute bridges or bicep curls. I don’t know man I just tend to wing my workout routine depending on what I want to do on a certain day. What muscle I wanna focus on. I literally plan my workouts the day I workout. I don’t have a set plan because when I do have a set plan, life gets in the way and fucks it up.