To All The Books I’ve Loved Before

The movie for ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ just came out on Netflix and it is based on the book written by Jenny Han which I was completely obsessed about when I finished reading it. So, to commemorate this book to movie adaptation I decided to do a book tag.

This fun book tag was created by Frankinesce so do check out her YouTube channel!

Kenny from camp AKA your first book love

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Literally any books written by Enid Blyton

John Ambrose McClaren AKA the book that got away 


I love Percy Jackson but I feel like Rick has lost his writing magic with his new series and I just gave up after finishing the Heroes of Olympus series

Lucas from Homecoming AKA your GBF (your favorite LGBTQ+ character of book)

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Lisbeth Salander!!!!!

Josh Sanderson AKA the book next door (a book you’ll love no matter forever)

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Peter Kavinsky AKA your one true love