#ReadThemAllThon TBR Pile


Okay I saw this Read-A-Thon post weeks ago and since then I have been thinking very VERY HARD on which books to read and what not. It was hard man. I kept changing books because on one hand I want to demolish my TBR pile but on the other I want to read other books that aren’t in my TBR pile and another third imaginary hand is that I WANNA WIN!!!

So anyhoots this #ReadThemAllThon challenge was created by Aentee from Read At Midnight and also I gotta be honest all the pictures and graphics used are taken from her blog because I suck at pretty much anything that needs me to design stuff. Please please check out Aentee’s blog for explanation and sign up because this idea is AMAZEBALLS!!

Chosen Pokemon


Ralts CP 10

Type: Pyschic, Fairy

Evolution: 3 stage

I am a complete newbie in anything Pokemon. The only Pokemon I know is Pikachu so its that bad but I chose Ralts because I thought it looked cute and completely clueless like me.

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