Ezza’s life updates

I have so been slacking off with my reviews lately and the cause is due to me running out of motivation to write book reviews. I currently am undergoing a sort of book-review-funk where I feel my reviews are not up to scratch and the books I read also suffer from the same problem.

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I feel that historical romance just isn’t tickling my intellect enough for any form of discussion or debate to happen or maybe I am just not looking into the plot deep enough and so I decided to read Ancient Lights by John Banville and realized that I have no idea what is going on or what is the writer writing about which went on a tandem where I was thinking that maybe my own intellect wasn’t up to snuff… to put it simply… I am too stupid to comprehend any type of complex storytelling. I realized too late that the book is the last installment in a trilogy which explains why I have no idea what is going on… so this soothes my fear of me being too dumb.

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This feeling started when I became obsessed with video essays done by Nerdwriter1 on Youtube. I felt that he discussed his ideas with such conciseness, quality and good content that I felt dwarfed in comparison to my own works. His videos made me yearn for more. More quality content. More intellectual discussions that widens the mind.

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His videos encompassed movies, art, songs, poems, even the speech by Martin Luther King Jr.. It awed me how with meticulous research one can learn so much. There is so much knowledge out there in the world that it planted a seed of discontent with my own reading material.

Don’t get me wrong I love historical romance for its quality of escapism from the harsh reality of the world but too much form of mental escapism is also bad for I fear I am not learning much from reading these sorts of material and I truly can feel my brain turning to rot.

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Which leads me to my second update in life. I was called for a second interview with Oceancare. First of all, I didn’t think I was even going to get a call back considering I was one amongst hundreds that came for the walk-in interview and I am grateful enough that I was given the opportunity and even if I did not get the job it is okay. It was such an adrenaline rush that the people at Oceancare thought that I was worthy enough to even get a second interview.

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The third life update was that a friend of mine introduced me to a Sarawakian Bloggers group which I honest to God did not even know existed till yesterday and through sheer luck (or is it fate?) I was invited to join a food testing event tomorrow at a restaurant and all I needed to do was give a review and write a blog post of the event and my experience. I was gobsmacked! Me? Invited for an event? My book blog and I? Wow… the most free thing my book blog and I had ever gotten was free books from Netgalley. This was a real step up for me and the best part I can meet new people. It’s scary because I am usually uncomfortable being at new places with new people but I feel at 24 I really should widen my social circle.

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I really hope with joining this Sarawakian blog group/community I get to widen my social circle and finally MEET THE ONE!!!!!!!