If you don’t know who PewDiePie is I will assume you are pretty old then. PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTuber on EARTH! I am not kidding you, as of 27th of January at 9.30 pm (Malaysian Time Zone) his subscriber count is 60,271,575. Yes, SIXTY MILLION and this post is nothing but a random post where I write on why I find PewDiePie entertaining.

Funnily enough I wasn’t a fan of his old content, I didn’t appreciate the constant screaming and the game heavy videos. I just couldn’t relate to his videos back then (didn’t help that I didn’t have any internet connections) but now that he does a variety of random shit (you could also say PewDiePie is multi-faceted) I feel more interested in his videos. His videos are generally entertaining because he does a lot of stupid shit and most of the times it doesn’t involve him doing anything physical.

Image result for very nice pewdiepie gifHis videos legit make my day as it makes me laugh so early in the morning. Poods new content range from meta-commentary on YouTube or whatever is happening right now in the world to random move reviews of movies he genuinely enjoys. My favorite video content from him is whenever he does a review (of anything really), I like to hear his thoughts and his funny reactions to said whatever he is reviewing. Like honestly, he also does arts and crafts videos just because. There is no other reason than just because.

I also enjoy videos where he has his girlfriend, Marzia, in the video with him and they play the silliest games; be it video games or just random board games. Marzia’s videos really complements Poods own wacky videos because of her calm and soothing aesthetic which is why I tend to watch Pood’s videos during the day and Marzia’s videos during the night.

But the one thing I like and admire from Poods is his honesty and work ethic (?). His Image result for very nice pewdiepie gifhonesty because he did one video where he explained he couldn’t do lets plays anymore because it didn’t make him happy as well as sincerely apologizing for when he makes a grievous mistake and also knows when to stand his ground. Like its hard for me to find honesty such as that in YouTube these days (before you shit on me I don’t put Jack, Mark, Ken and etc in this generalization they seem pretty honest) and its this honesty that makes me feel like he isn’t selling me BS just for more wealth.

Work ethic is because the guy uploads videos every single day and yeah you might say that isn’t hard but just imagine the work he puts into doing these videos where he has to do a shit ton of them and more so he could upload them on a regular basis without much Image result for pewdiepie squad fam gifproblem. That is not even including the editing, internet problem and other projects that he has. So, yeah work ethic.

So, anyways my current favorite videos from Poods are in this playlist and to be honest the YouTuber Uniquenameosaurus sums up pretty well why to me PewDiePie is entertaining in this video.

And thats it for this weeks Random Wednesdays post. Maybe next week I’ll talk about Matpat. We’ll see.