Encounters With a Rogue… A Review



Title: Encounters With a Rogue

Author: Deb Marlowe

Published: 7 March 2017

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3.5/5


An Unexpected Encounter

Tall, practical girls might not be worth much in man’s world, but Miss Lisbeth Moreton knows she’s worth more than the squire’s prized heifer.

To change her fate, she’s run off to a date with destiny at the British Museum. Her would-be swain never shows, but an unexpected encounter with Lord Cotwell and his lonely ward might lead to altogether new prospects . . . and perhaps to love.

A Waltz in the Park

James Vickers once believed honor and family duty to be his life’s work. Now he knows better–and he’s appointed himself as silent witness to his father’s sins. His greatest goal is to act as the continuously pricking thorn in his lordship’s side–and scandal is his greatest weapon. He has no use for an innocent young miss.

Propriety is Miss Adelaide Stockton’s most important asset. She must be all that is prim and proper if she’s to live down her parent’s misdeeds and have any hope of catching a husband. She must avoid scoundrels like Vickers at all costs.

Yet fate has thrown them together–and given each a key to the other’s ambition. A bargain is struck…but together they find that gaining what one desires most is far more difficult than a waltz in the park.


This book is actually two novellas so I will review it individually.

An Unexpected Encounter

Rating: 4/5

I really liked the plot to this novella because I found Lord Cotwell to be an adorably shy and awkward guy. He was refreshing to me because he wasn’t suave, he wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, he wasn’t smooth with the ladies, he was just an average joe with a kind heart who loves doing mechanics. He said all the wrong things at the wrong times even though he means well.┬áThe plot was nice and sweet and I wished it was a full fledged novel instead of a novella but I enjoyed it immensely nonetheless.

A Waltz in the Park

Rating: 3/5

I didn’t like this novella so much. I unfortunately found it boring and so tedious to read as I didn’t feel a connection with the main characters and pretty much that really from me regarding the second novella. Nothing much to say except it was boring for me.

Overall, these two novellas does make me more interested in reading more works from Deb Marlowe because in both novellas the protagonists weren’t the atypical characterization expected from historical romance.

*The book was provided by the publishers via Netgalley in return for an honest review