Borneo Marathon 2019

I have always wanted to be a running girl. The girl I see in the cute Nike outfit running lap after lap in my local park barely breaking a sweat whom you know joins marathons because they enjoy running. I wanted to be that girl.

Before I could barely jogged let alone run or even sprinted but ever since I joined this weight-loss boot-camp conducted by my office it has challenged me to push myself, to just try and its because of this boot-camp that I realized I could run. Not as fast nor as long as I had hoped but I could run and that my friends changed everything.

It made me believe that with the proper training and most importantly consistency I can run longer and dare I hope faster?

And so with that I decided to join the UNICEF Borneo Run 2019.

I will be joining the half marathon which is 21 km and I chose half marathon because the time I have to train for this marathon is sufficient enough without me having to compromise my other exercise activities nor my life. I have approximately six months to train comfortably for this half marathon; comfortably because I do not want to be stressed when training for it and also to avoid any injuries that will affect both my ability to run as well as my gym time.

It will be tons of fun (I hope) as I envision it also as a part-time holiday. I mean it is conducted in Sabah so my hopes is that after the run me and my friends can chill by the beach drinking some cocktails and just sit back and relax.

Unlike my fitness updates, I will post regular updates on how I am doing with my running and whether I have seen any improvements.