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For todays topic I thought of talking about the Sarawakian style of gardening. At least my version of gardening. This version of gardening doesn’t need a lot of tools. You just need one tool and everything else is optional… even shoes (I am legit not kidding).

Said tool that you need is….


Image result for MACHETE

or if you are a beginner like me and don’t want your finger to be accidentally chopped off then what you need is…


Image result for sabit

Thus, once you have your tool sharpened and ready what you need to do next is legit RAMBOOOOO IT OUT! RAMBO IT ALL OUT AGAINST THOSE SO-CALLED MOFO GRASS!!!!

Image result for rambo going crazy gif

Don’t hold back I tell you, just go absolutely manic with it!

Image result for rambo shooting machine gun gif

Now, the reason why I choose a sickle over a machete is due to:

  1. More control
  2. It’s just easier
  3. I almost chopped my finger off with a machete so will not repeat that process again thank you very much
Image result for yeah no thanks gif

Yeah hahha nope not again

You might think I am completely overreacting with said gardening. No, my dear readers I wish I was. The grass behind my house is literally 3/4 of my height and I am 158 cm!!!! Okay so the picture below is the main grass behind my house which is called lalang in malay and when I google translate it it becomes thatch so take what you will.

Image result for lalang

Just imagine all these lalang/grass all over my backyard and don’t get me started on the smaller grass which have hooks on them. JESUS CHRIST THOSE ARE THE WORST.

The name of said god awful weed is I kid you not “Shameplant” which I is presumably from its malay counterpart, pokok semalu. Yeah weed you better be ASHAMED OF YO SELF! Creating nothing but effin havoc!

Image result for pokok semalu

If you think I am done dear readers, no… no I am not done. I was just warming up. Aside from battling those god forsaken weeds you also must combat….


Related image

Fire ants!

Image result for red ants


Image result for small centipede

Also if you have Banana trees in your backyard you will also occasionally encounter


Image result for snakes python

You are considered lucky if its a python my backyard once became a habitat for Cobras

If you have trees then you again have an addition of handling


Image result for wasps

Essentially when you attempt or do Sarawakian gardening, it is just you against the forest. What you want to achieve is not really gardening but more of a preventative measure of avoiding your backyard turning to the Amazon forests.

But with dedication and consistency your backyard can be conquered! Also know your limits, if you soooo cannot handle anything else except grass. Please call a professional which in this case is MY MOM!

Image result for MY MOM GIF

And with that folks is my version of gardening. 🙂