Review: Wrong Brother, Right Match by Jennifer Shirk


Title: Wrong Brother, Right Match

Author: Jennifer Shirk

Published: 5 December 2016

Publisher: Entangled Bliss

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3/5

Another review of a book I should have reviewed last year. This is becoming a trend with me, reviewing books MONTHS after reading em’ but whatever.

So,┬áthe reason I requested this book on Netgalley was because I thought said book would have some sexy time if you get my drift but it didn’t and so I was left with this book which was like one of those Christmas-holiday Hallmark (now Diva) romance movies you watch on TV.

Image result for curse you aqua scum gifI didn’t know what to feel when I was getting to the end of the book and still I was reading no sexy times happening. I was kind of waiting and hoping for that one glimmer of hope that the characters would get a good romp at the end but nope they remained chaste. CURSE THEM!

In this book we read about how Kennedy is the creator of this dating app and that is how she met her current fiance’, Justin, but she starts questioning the relationship when she doesn’t feel the spark between them. She likes him and thinks they are a great match (keyword: THINKS) and this is reinforced by her success with her dating app and you can’t blame the girl. A lot is riding on her relationship with Justin to work and so she brushes these niggling feelings aside up until she gets stuck in an elevator with a gorgeous man who helps her anxiety with small spaces (they were stuck in an elevator) by giving her a kiss (when will this ever happen to me in real life?) but then once the elevator doors open our home girl bolts outta there and thinks she will never see this man again but obviously she does especially when she goes back to Justin’s hometown to find out said gorgeous man IS HIS BROTHER, Matt!!!!

I can see from the get-go Kennedy matches so well with Matt as opposed to Justin. I mean Justin and Kennedy they’re great on paper but the thing is they are too much alike especially in their work ethics and careers. I didn’t like how Kennedy was almost like a door-mat for Justin, she didn’t mind that he was always busy with work or that he left her to fend for herself when he left her with his family to go back to work. I mean that alone is already a bad sign in a relationship man, if your fiance’ would rather spend more time with his work rather than you it definitely shows something is amiss.

Another thing was I disliked how Justin was so inconsiderate to his family and Kennedy. Aside from him essentially dumping her there, he didn’t try to help his Image result for hmph gifbrother, Matt with the family business. Didn’t even ask. I get that he probably didn’t even bother because he thought Matt was in control but still though, Matt unwillingly gave up his city lifestyle to help their mother to handle the family business the least you could do for the brother that helped raised you was to help him back. It reminds me of a certain brother I know thats closer to home doing something similar to this to a certain book blogger. Hmph.

Like all Christmas holiday themed romance movies, everything ends well even after Kennedy decided that she realized she doesn’t love Justin the way she loves Matt and breaks up with him before she goes on stage and announce their separation as to not fool investors and fans of her app. That takes guts and I respect that.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Didn’t hate it but neither did I love it. It was a good book to read to cool down my brain.

*A review copy was kindly provided by the publishers via Netgalley