Ezza’s Favorite Podcasts

Hello, hello… I have never listened to podcasts before because I didn’t know where to find them and neither did I have sufficient internet to do so but recently I was introduced to the podcast section in Spotify (didn’t even realized it existed till now to be honest) by my best friend who recommended to me that I listen to a podcast called ‘Serial Killers’ since she knew I had had this fascination bordering on obsession with serial killers of any kind.

And with that my love for podcasts was born so this post is just to share with you my current podcasts that I find interesting and fun to listen to and why I like it. Enjoy!

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  1. Serial Killers by Parcast

This was the first ever podcast I listened to and I really enjoy listening to them because they give you the facts of the murder, explain how it was done, who did it, what happened, pretty much everything you would want to as well as discuss on the psychological aspect of it.

There are a few things that I do not enjoy as much such as the advertisements and the repetition of a few key notes such as explaining what is pyschopathy and what are the criteria for having pyschopathy but they are integral for the continuity of the podcast as well as for new listeners (why anybody would start from recent episodes and backwards is beyond me but you do you I suppose).

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2. Casefile True Crime by Casefile True Crime Podcast

This podcast isn’t specific to just serial killers, like its title the podcast discusses an array of true crimes which range from serial killings, mass murder to public bombings. Also, the podcast mostly focuses on Australian crimes but it occasionally also discusses crimes done in America and such.

I like this one because they tell me things matter of factly, they don’t put their own opinions on it because I like listening to crime or murder podcasts where it is not influenced by anybody or anything and once I know the murder I like to do my own research and see where I stand on it. I do have problems in listening to some of the audio where it is from interviews and such but again it is not a deal breaker as I understand sometimes they just come in shitty quality and the content creators can only do so much.

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3. Hollywood & Crime by Wondery

This one is on the list because I really enjoy how the actors role play and you can hear the accents and the music that they play it is like listening to the old radio shows but what I dislike of this podcast and it isn’t even about the podcast itself but that the mystery is never solved. So I am left with the burning desire to know whodunit. I NEED TO KNOW WHO SAWED THE BLACK DAHLIA IN HALF DAMN IT!

Last but not least is the podcast

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4. Small town murder by True Crime Comedy Team

I like this podcast because it is so stupid and funny. It is pretty much these two comedians making fun of the perpetrator and the small towns of which the murders occurred. Also, it is a fun way for my brain to relax from all the seriousness in the other podcasts.

On another note, I have been thinking, I like listening to podcasts especially ones discussing about murders and shit so why don’t I myself create a podcast too. I know what topic I want to discuss, I know how I want to discuss it all I need now is just the equipment and practice. What do you guys think? Should I start a podcast?