WWW Wednesday (13 Nov 2019)


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The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading

20613764Red Nile by Robert Twigger. I am just a few pages in and really enjoying it so far. The book is basically the title which is a biography of the worlds greatest river. I bought this book at this years BBW (Big Bad Wolf sale) in Kuching with my best friend.

Recently Finished

25111054. sy475

Science of the Magical by Matt Kaplan which I also bought at the BBW in Kuching. This book is really fascinating for me and a highly enjoyable read. I won’t say much here because I want to do a review on it but I do recommend it to everybody to read.

Reading Next

I think I want to have a more chill read and lay low on the non-fiction so I will probably read a historical romance or a romance book. My top books for these are:

Review: The Duke With The Dragon Tattoo



Title: The Duke With The Dragon Tattoo

Author: Kerrigan Byrne

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Published: 28 August 2018

Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Summary

The bravest of heroes. The brashest of rebels. The boldest of lovers. These are the men who risk their hearts and their souls—for the passionate women who dare to love them…

He is known only as The Rook. A man with no name, no past, no memories. He awakens in a mass grave, a magnificent dragon tattoo on his muscled forearm the sole clue to his mysterious origins. His only hope for survival—and salvation—lies in the deep, fiery eyes of the beautiful stranger who finds him. Who nurses him back to health. And who calms the restless demons in his soul…


Lorelei will never forget the night she rescued the broken dark angel in the woods, a devilishly handsome man who haunts her dreams to this day. Crippled as a child, she devoted herself to healing the poor tortured man. And when he left, he took a piece of her heart with him. Now, after all these years, The Rook has returned. Like a phantom, he sweeps back into her life and avenges those who wronged her. But can she trust a man who’s been branded a rebel, a thief, and a killer? And can she trust herself to resist him when he takes her in his arms?


I have been busy with work and chatting up this guy from work although on this front it seems more like I am cornering myself into the dreaded friendzone which is such a shame because I would like to do the Devil’s tango with him if you get my drift so anyways back to the point, the point is that I just have been living life too much to be bothered to even read anything but when I received an email from a publisher asking me if I was interested in reading the next book from Kerrigan Byrne I was like…

“BITCH! You ain’t even gonna ask! It’s always YES to Kerrigan!”

Because girl, the last two books I read by her was just so bomb! I waited months to get the next book so as you can see my expectations are pretty high… pretttyyyy high so when I read it I was just so so confused by how disappointed I was.

The writing for this book felt so sub-par for me and the plot itself was flimsy AT BEST. Don’t even get me started on the atrocious dialogue present in this book. It

The first half of the book was great and I enjoyed the puppy love between Lorelai and Ash as it was so cute and innocent but towards the latter end of the book, the plot was borderline on non-existent and the dialogue/conversation happening between the two main characters were so repetitive and had no meaning nor resolution in sight.

Also, there were a lot of plot points in the book that in my opinion was written purely just for plot progression because honestly said plot point had no bearing whatsoever on the overall plot of the book one wonders why did the author even include it in the first place? One example for this is when Lorelai for some God damned reason fainted in a make out sesh with Ash and miraculously she never fainted again after that even though it was said that she does this FREQUENTLY as a way her body handles stress.

Another thing that annoyed me was how the author doesn’t show what happened to any of the characters and instead just tells us what happened as if that will satisfy our curiosity. By doing so, the author strips the readers empathy for the characters because I swear to God I could not give a shit about the characters whatsoever. I mean I can’t relate to Lorelai and her being a victim of abuse neither can I understand why Ash is so God damned pissed all the God damned time. Like bro, take a chill pill man. Jesus.

I think I was highly disappointed by the book because I waited months for it. MONTHS! Her other books were that good that I waited MONTHS! Will I continue to support the author, yeah definitely one disappointing book might just be a fluke because she is definitely talented.

* Book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest review


I was supposed to upload this review on the 21st but my internet was down and I had to go for TBOSIET training and completely forgot so here it is hahahaha.

Encounters With a Rogue… A Review



Title: Encounters With a Rogue

Author: Deb Marlowe

Published: 7 March 2017

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3.5/5


An Unexpected Encounter

Tall, practical girls might not be worth much in man’s world, but Miss Lisbeth Moreton knows she’s worth more than the squire’s prized heifer.

To change her fate, she’s run off to a date with destiny at the British Museum. Her would-be swain never shows, but an unexpected encounter with Lord Cotwell and his lonely ward might lead to altogether new prospects . . . and perhaps to love.

A Waltz in the Park

James Vickers once believed honor and family duty to be his life’s work. Now he knows better–and he’s appointed himself as silent witness to his father’s sins. His greatest goal is to act as the continuously pricking thorn in his lordship’s side–and scandal is his greatest weapon. He has no use for an innocent young miss.

Propriety is Miss Adelaide Stockton’s most important asset. She must be all that is prim and proper if she’s to live down her parent’s misdeeds and have any hope of catching a husband. She must avoid scoundrels like Vickers at all costs.

Yet fate has thrown them together–and given each a key to the other’s ambition. A bargain is struck…but together they find that gaining what one desires most is far more difficult than a waltz in the park.


This book is actually two novellas so I will review it individually.

An Unexpected Encounter

Rating: 4/5

I really liked the plot to this novella because I found Lord Cotwell to be an adorably shy and awkward guy. He was refreshing to me because he wasn’t suave, he wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, he wasn’t smooth with the ladies, he was just an average joe with a kind heart who loves doing mechanics. He said all the wrong things at the wrong times even though he means well. The plot was nice and sweet and I wished it was a full fledged novel instead of a novella but I enjoyed it immensely nonetheless.

A Waltz in the Park

Rating: 3/5

I didn’t like this novella so much. I unfortunately found it boring and so tedious to read as I didn’t feel a connection with the main characters and pretty much that really from me regarding the second novella. Nothing much to say except it was boring for me.

Overall, these two novellas does make me more interested in reading more works from Deb Marlowe because in both novellas the protagonists weren’t the atypical characterization expected from historical romance.

*The book was provided by the publishers via Netgalley in return for an honest review

The Viscount Who Loved Me…. A Review


Title: The Viscount Who Loved Me

Author: Julia Quinn

Published: 27 June 2006

Publisher: Avon

Source: Library

Rating: 4/5

Goodreads summary

1814 promises to be another eventful season, but not, this author believes, for Anthony Bridgerton, London’s most elusive bachelor, who has shown no indication that he plans to marry.
And in truth, why should he? When it comes to playing the consummate rake, nobody does it better…
—Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, 
April 1814

But this time, the gossip columnists have it wrong. Anthony Bridgerton hasn’t just decided to marry—he’s even chosen a wife! The only obstacle is his intended’s older sister, Kate Sheffield—the most meddlesome woman ever to grace a London ballroom. The spirited schemer is driving Anthony mad with her determination to stop the betrothal, but when he closes his eyes at night, Kate is the woman haunting his increasingly erotic dreams…

Contrary to popular belief, Kate is quite sure that reformed rakes do not make the best husbands—and Anthony Bridgerton is the most wicked rogue of them all. Kate is determined to protect her sister—but she fears her own heart is vulnerable. And when Anthony’s lips touch hers, she’s suddenly afraid she might not be able to resist the reprehensible rake herself…


I am running out of books to review whilst I am slowly…. SLOWLY… getting out of my reading slump. This reading slump is not budging even with historical romance thus why I am only now putting out my review of this book of which I had read 4-5 months ago.

I read another book by Julia Quinn not knowing she is a famous historical romance author, loved that book and got myself into a Julia Quinn phase. Anyways, I loved this book. The main reason why I really enjoyed this book was how unexpectedly funny the relationship between Kate and Anthony was.

They were so mean to each other, it was just hilarious! It was the type of relationship that started out as annoyance and hate but because of that you start to see the sparks just fly and slowly they fall in love kind of thing.

Anthony wanted to court Kate’s sister and Kate knew Anthony was a playboy and didn’t want that type of guy for her sister and went out of her way to stop them from being together and whatnot. Anthony knew this and went out his way to taunt, tease, prank and be mean spirited to Kate. It was just sublime. They didn’t do anything malicious or anything, mind you.

There was this instance where Kate was feeling stuffy or somewhat during a party and went to this library not knowing its Anthony’s study, and a few moments later Anthony went in and was about to a good tumble in the hay with his ex-mistress when he went to his desk and looked down to only see Kate hiding under the table and Kate being Kate did something to him that made him step on her hand or something. They were just absolutely spiteful to each other.

But my favorite part was where they were about to play this game and Anthony volunteered to go get Kate’s sister Edwina from the house and Kate didn’t have a choice but to not intervene and Anthony purposefully came back late knowing it would annoy Kate and it did, she was fretting the whole time thinking of what Anthony was doing to her sister.

So, with them being mean to each other you can see their relationship just blossom and I loved how they both were confused as to what they were feeling because they didn’t know what it meant. Was it hate? Was it love? What is going on?

Other parts of the book followed the usual template for historical romance but the start of the relationship between Anthony and Kate was what made the book superb in my mind.

Writing this review is really making me want to read Julia Quinn’s books again, has my reading slump been cured?

Man, this review is all over the place but I swear whenever I recall this book that is what stand out to me the relationship of Kate and Anthony and their antagonism towards each other.

Image result for quietly laughing gif

The Bride Who Got Lucky… A Review



Title: The Bride Who Got Lucky (The Cavensham Heiresses, #2)

Author: Janna MacGregor

Published: 31 October 2017

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 4/5

Goodreads Summary

He would do anything to protect her. Even marry her… 

The son of a cold-hearted duke, Nicholas St. Mauer isn’t one to involve himself in society…or open his own heart to anyone. But driven by honor, the reclusive Earl of Somerton feels obliged to keep a watchful eye on Lady Emma Cavensham. She possesses a penchant for passions unbecoming a woman that finds Nick in constant peril of losing his well-structured solitude. She even dared kiss Nick once―an utterly unladylike, and delightful, lapse…

Emma can’t deny the appeal of the earl’s attention, and occasional affection, but she has no need for a man. There are worse fates than spinsterhood, as Emma knows too well. She still mourns the loss of her dear friend Lena, and is determined to prove Lena’s husband responsible for her death before he lures another innocent woman into a brutal marriage. But as Emma pursues her prey, a compromising moment upends all her plans. Now, with gossip swirling and her reputation in tatters, Nick may be the only man brave enough to join in Emma’s cause. . .and fight for her heart.


When the publisher emailed me asking if I was interested in reading this book I jumped to it pronto because when will I never be interested in reading books that I didn’t have to request for… plus I already read the first book by Janna MacGregor so why not? Finally I am on top of a series in Netgalley might as well continue the winning streak BTW you can find my review for ‘The Bad Luck Bride’ here.

I was a bit sceptical going in on reading the book because I did not relate with main heroine, Emma, in the last book. I felt she that she was selfish Image result for sokka ugh gifand naive to think that her escapades will harm no one because it will Emma okay it will! And the scepticism I have over her characterisation went well into 1/3 of the book up until something happened that slapped some sort or realism into that brain of hers but at the same time I was thinking this I was also at war with myself. Her actions shows that a womans actions should not depend on anyone, that she should be her own woman; make her own mistakes, learn from them and damn all else. If a woman wants to get a damn book then damn well she should get the book!

The girl power belief in me made me warm up to Emma whereby I saw that she was smart, brave, kind and steadfast in her beliefs. When she encountered a problem that would not budge instead of giving up she just manoeuvred around the problem to solve it. Also, Emma used her wits and fiery disposition to spar with her adversaries instead of strength because let me be honest, the girl can’t fight to save her life.

Another aspect of this book that fired the girl power (okay fine ‘feminist’) belief in me was how in this book society looked down on women as the weaker specimen of man and worse, LESS INTELLIGENT! All because of the sex we were born with. Oh let me tell you, my blood pressure skyrocketed when I read that section. I wanted to slap Emma’s brother and say you stupid oaf! There are so many brilliant women in this whole wide world who helped shape the science that we know today with or without the help of men!

  • Marie Curie – Pioneer in radioactivity research
  • Hedy Lamarr – Inventor of wifi
  • Mileva Maric – co-author of Albert Einsteins work
  • Ada Lovelace – contributed in the workings of the first computer program

AND MANY MANY MORE!!!!! Oh God did that trigger me. What makes this man think that just because we are born women suddenly we are less intelligent. If we truly had mental problems or he addressed that we physically are less capable than men fine but to to put all that into one spectrum to say that because of so and so reasons women are supposed to babied then no buster!!! NO!! Triggered man, I AM SO TRIGGERED!

Image result for so triggered gif

Anyways on with the book review. I had serious respect for Emma when towards the end of the book she and Nick did not see eye to eye and she stuck to her guns which was morally correct by the way and was willing to walk away from the relationship as she could not live with a man who could not respect her views and I am at the back going all slow clap because doing that needs IRONCLAD WILLPOWER!!!

But all good things must come to an end. The awesomeness of Emma was slightly eclipsed by how oddly convenient a few plot points was done to propel the plot further to its ending. Suspiciously too convenient I might say and that unfortunately completely killed the seriousness of the feminism issue at hand.

The plot point was that Nick and Emma had a disagreement and he refused to listen to reason and MIRACULOUSLY!!!! His estranged father stopped by for a surprise visit and impromptu heart to heart talk where he revealed that because he lost his wife, he was too devastated by the loss that when Nick bailed that scum Paul from a gambling debt (yearsssss later just in case ya’ll be confused by the timeline) he just lost it and disowned Nick.

In my perspective….

Image result for that was a load of bullshit gif

I have never in my life heard about a father so distraught over losing his wife disowns HIS ONLY SON which he regrets immediately yet… YETTTTTTTT took him almost a full decade to try and mend the break and/or apologise???? What were you doing, Sir, during those mysterious decade?? Meditating with the Dalai Lama?

Also, another very convenient plot point was when Emma’s best friends brother, Jonathan (?), finally decided to avenge his sister (who died due to spousal abuse) by calling her sisters husband out for a duel.

Image result for finally gif

I get that that was (maybe) the only way Lena (the best friend) could ever get justice but the plot was rushed and all of them; Nicks father, the lawyer thing (Nick was being sued by Lena’s husband due to Emma snooping around for evidence for her murder) and the duel was all compacted all towards the end that the story could not breathe and I lost interest and empathy for any of the characters.

Overall, it was still an enjoyable book albeit me having problems with the ending.

*The book was provided by the publishers via Netgalley in return for an honest review


Ezza’s Right Kind of Rogue… A Review




Title: The Right Kind of Rogue

Author: Valerie Bowman

Published: 31 October 2017

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3/5

Goodreads summary

Can two star-crossed lovers come together―until death do they part? 

Viscount Hart Highgate has decided to put his rakish ways behind him and finally get married. He may adore a good brandy or a high-speed carriage race, but he takes his duties as heir to the earldom seriously. Now all he has to do is find the right kind of woman to be his bride―ideally, one who’s also well-connected and well-funded. . .

Meg Timmons has loved Hart, the brother of her best friend, ever since she was an awkward, blushing schoolgirl. If only she had a large dowry―or anything to her name at all. Instead, she’s from a family that’s been locked in a bitter feud with Hart’s for years. And now she’s approaching her third London season, Meg’s chances with him are slim to none. Unless a surprise encounter on a deep, dark night could be enough to spark a rebellious romance. . .for all time?


This book has made me relieved that I can occasionally dislike a historical romance (HR) even by an author whom I liked their previous work. It has made me see that the reviewer in me is still intact.

Image result for thank the lord gif

From that, you and I obviously know that I dislike parts of this book that did not allow me to give the rating any higher than a 3. Usually, for HR I adore the main characters; Their strengths, their weaknesses, their quirks, but in this book both characters fell flat for me. The only characters that I felt were worth mentioning and had any complexity was the side character, Lady Lucy.

I also found the romance between Hart Highgate and Meg Timmons highly unlikely and at worst, ludicrous. Does the author genuinely expect me to believe that Hart who has known Meg for years and never bats an eyelash for her and never made any time to get to know her on a deeper level suddenly falls so deep in love all because she had a make over? I feel affronted that the author takes this reader as a fool. I don’t know about you but I feel that if a man you have known for YEARS only truly notices you AFTER you have a make over and ONLY THEN shows any form of romantic feelings, those feelings are questionable at best because it makes me wonder do you like me for my personality or just my looks?

Image result for are you testing me

See it this way, Hart has known Meg for years but only as an acquaintance. He never seeks her out for advice nor friendship. She is negligible in his life and you expect me to believe that he suddenly falls in love with her all because she now looks like a bombshell? A tad bit convenient isn’t it?

If he had known her for years and they are close, best friends close and yet he never sees her as more than a friend and suddenly she changes her looks and he realizes that she is in fact a woman and not one of his ‘bros’ that I can accept.

Image result for i cannot accept this gif

Another aspect I cannot ignore was how idiotic Hart was. He point blank refused to listen to Meg and is flummoxed that he doesn’t understand the situation only to realize Meg was innocent in Lucy’s machinations. Honestly, you would have found this out far earlier had you listened to her.

Image result for rolls eyes gif

The plot for this book was weak for me. At first, it was great. Meg finding out Hart is planning to marry decides to pursue her plans to make him fall in love or at least notice her with renewed vigor but towards the end I felt the plot and its plot twists were lost in translation thus not being relayed effectively. The plot reveal whereby the real reasons why the two families hate each other was actually a good plot point had the other aspects of the plot did not muddle it. Like I said lost in translation. If the whole drama between Hart-Meg-Lucy was not so childish the plot reveal would have had the impact it sought out to do.

Overall, the book was not as enjoyable as I had hoped it would be but it will not deter me from reading more works by Valerie Bowman.

And my right kind of rogue is a man who isn’t so caught up with his own woes that he doesn’t see what is smack-dab right in-front-under-his-nose! If he is going through depression or any type of legit mental illness then fine that is a different matter but if the man is so up his own arse well I see that we have to part ways my friend as you and I are not compatible.

*The book was provided by the publishers via Netgalley in return for an honest review