Day 3: Rest Days… What days??

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I am so sore

Everything is sore

Even my armpit is sore

How is that even possible when all I have been doing is POWER WALKING!


And so with Day 3, I am taking an unplanned rest day and will be discussing why rest days are important in your fitness lifestyle


The one thing I have learned in embarking on my fitness lifestyle is the importance of rest days. Back when I first started to become serious in making fitness a staple in my life I wasn’t as flexible in including more than one rest day a week thinking it will jeopardize everything I had worked for due to the all or nothing mentality which to be honest with you IS A REALLY BAD MENTALITY TO HAVE.

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And boy DID I SUFFER not including more rest days when I needed it. Sometimes you gotta include rest days even when your muscles aren’t sore but because mentally you’re exhausted from not only life but fitness as well.

Rest days are also a great tool to keep you motivated IN THE LONG TERM because it lets you focus on the end game which is a healthier lifestyle and longevity and not focus too much on the booty gains.

Not only that by being more flexible with your rest days you can do more in life as it makes your fitness lifestyle more adaptable to change.

But! You must know the difference between a much needed rest day and being lazy. I have made this mistake too where I’d tell myself oh I really need a rest day today because of xyz excuses when I know full well I could’ve worked out even if its just for a minimum of 10 minutes.

In conclusion, what I am trying to say is that more than 1 rest days are fine to include in a week because what you’re trying to achieve is health and those long term fitness goals.

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