Review: From a Buick 8

Title: From a Buick 8

Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Published: 13th October 2011 (First published on 24th September 2002)

Source: Personal

Rating: 2/5 Anythings


Goodreads Summary

Come close, children, and see the living crocodile. A vintage ’54 Buick Roadmaster. At least, that’s what it looks like . . .

There is a secret hidden in Shed B in the state police barracks in Statler, Pennsylvania. A secret that has drawn troopers for twenty years – terrified yet irresistibly tempted to look at its chrome fenders, silver grille and exotic exhaust system.

Young Ned Wilcox has started coming by the barracks: mowing the lawn, washing the windows, shovelling snow; it’s a boy’s way of holding on to his father – recently killed in a strange road accident by another Buick.

And one day Ned peers through the windows of Shed B and discovers the family secret. Like his father, Ned wants answers. He deserves answers. And the secret begins to stir . . .



Hello and Assalamualaikum! I finished reading this book last year-ish to be exact (at least I think so, it was either end of last year or early of this year.. I can’t remember) and since I have been SO preoccupied with brush lettering (my new hobby/obsession) I haven’t had the time to finish anything I am currently reading. I think I am slowly going into the dreaded reading slump *GASP*.

Anyhoots, to the review!

This book I wanted to give it either a 2 or 5 rating but because I am predominantly a feelings or emotions type of reader I decided to stick with the 2 rating.

The reason for this is because the book started to be a real drag in reading after it hit the mid-point mark. The narration and the writing was so immensely slow, you really start to think is this book worth finishing (and undergo this slow torture of forcing myself to read said book?). Apart from the writing/narration, the plot becomes recycled towards the end where its the same old weirdness going on with the car. Nothing new happens and you are just waiting for the punchline but it never comes so you just stand there/read there looking like some idiot just waiting and waiting for the plot twist that never comes and when you finally get to the ending (Thank God!), it is unsatisfactory. There are no answers to your questions. Nothing is solved and you are just left with the uneasy truth that some things will just remain unsolved.

Now, as to why I had an urge to give it a 5 rating.

This reason correlates to the same reason I gave it a 2 rating. In the above statement I said there was nothing new, it was the same weirdness with the same weird car but as I was reading to the reviews in Goodreads it struck me was this Stephen Kings intention all along?

I mean yes the book was slow but was it to give you a feeling of how the characters felt like with said weird car? and didn’t I myself just admit that even though weird things still happened I have now become used to it being weird that it is now ‘normal’?

Have I become like the characters? So used to the anomaly made by the car that it is now my normal. Which brings me to the question of what is our normal? 

I feel like I am Neds dad where he just can’t let the car go much as I can’t stop reading the book. You know deep down it isn’t going to give you the answers you seek yet you’re still there hoping for a different outcome.

All in all this book has deterred me from reading anything from Stephen King but maybe after tentatively reading his other book titled ‘Thinner’, I will start liking his works.