Decoupage’ Bitches

Last Sunday (I think it was a Sunday), mom was all like…

“Yo, Ezza wake up we gotta go to this shop opening”

“Why should I even go man?” said I, whilst still wrapped warmly in my cocoon of a blanket.

“There’s free food” shouted mom on the other side of my closed bedroom door.

“Say no more!” I responded as I blinked the sleepiness away from my eyes.

And so I got ready for this so called shop opening and I went dressed in all black with dark blood red lipstick, why you ask? I have no idea. I just felt like dressing like a goth hijabi girl. Even completed the look with 5 inch black suede pumps (Mary Jane’s? I can never know the difference).


So, anyways we arrived and then all the guests had to go to the second floor of this building to get to the studio and mind you climbing all those stairs definitely made me regret my footwear and that is when it was revealed that the store opening was actually the opening of a decoupage studio.

The inner arts and crafts lover in me emerged like “HULK SMASH” baby!

All I can say was that decoupage’-ing is so much fun! As a promotion the 50 first guests to register can try their hand at decoupage’ by doing it on a coin purse and lemme tell you bitches, it definitely showed my true personality since my coin purse was hella cute!

The studio holds classes for children and adults alike with different prices (naturally) and teaches from the basics to advanced decoupage techniques and you can also try the bundled package classes where you can choose 4 out of 6 (I think) projects and be taught the full range of techniques.


I’ll share the google map of where the studio is located and will share the contacts for the owner of the studio just in case ya’ll interested in going for a class or two.

Name: Decoupage Villa

Contact: Niza (018-2301995)

Google map: Lot 21 (1st Floor, Sublot 3501, Jalan Piasau, 98000 Miri, Sarawak