Carrie… A Review


Title: Carrie

Author: Stephen King

Published: 1 March 2013 (First published 5 April 1974)

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Source: Local Library

Rating: 5/5

Goodreads summary

Carrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed… But one night at her senior prom, Carrie was scorned and humiliated just one time too many, and in a fit of uncontrollable fury she turned her clandestine game into a weapon of horror and destruction…


Will my review be sufficient if I just state that I loved the book? Must I reason why I love it? I guess I must I mean this is a book review blog anyway. Okay, where to start. You can say I relate and empathize with Carrie. The poor girl was horrendously bullied by her peers at school for things she has no control over and also because she was just different. Yeah, it doesn’t help that Carrie is just a very shy girl, a bit on the kooky side what with her religious beliefs but have you seen the mother??? That woman was cray… I am amazed that Carrie managed to just be SLIGHTLY kooky. If you overlook her outdated fashion and her shyness, Carrie is quite normal.

I hated that everybody just passed judgement on her without getting to know her or her backstory. I mean legit nobody in the whole effin town helped?? NOBODY??? Everybody knew Carrie had a very abusive mother yet nobody came to help her? Befriended her to ensure she at least has one friend outside her home to make her feel okay that yeah life now sucks but eventually she can leave her house and she can explore the whole world? Is it any wonder that Carrie just snapped when the pigs blood was dropped on her?

To go to that dance, she had to stand up to her mother who was at that point Carrie’s whole world? Carrie had to take a leap of faith and trust Tommy and Sue wasn’t pulling a prank on her? So, yeah when Carrie finally just had a mental breakdown and started wrecking havoc on the whole town burning everything I was like

Image result for burn them all gif

Like look at it this way. They deserved to be burned, they didn’t help her, she owed them nothing.

Aside from having a truck load of empathy for Carrie, I also liked how Sue Snell felt confusion for he intentions in making Tommy go with Carrie to the dance. She wasn’t doing it out of the kindness of her heart and her confusion and dilemma provided a sense of realism for her character.

The only part I didn’t like in the book was how Carrie killed Billy and Chris so fast. I would’ve tortured them until they mentally break. I won’t kill them. Just mentally break them so they would suffer like how I suffered (If I was Carrie that is).

As much as I like this book, I do realize it is not for everybody. The plot is very basic, characterization is mediocre and the gore is sufficient at best but hey its only 248 pages so it won’t even take you a day to finish it. So, I say give it a go especially since it was Stephen Kings first notable work.

Top Ten Books On My Monsoon – Durian Season TBR list


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this weeks topic is “Top Ten Books On My Monsoon – Durian Season TBR list” okay not really it was originally “Top Ten books On My Fall TBR List” but I had to tweak it becausseeee of the reasons below 😀

Okay first of all I live in Miri, Sarawak which in turn is in Malaysia which is located in Southeast Asia and let me tell you about our 3 main seasons here:

Monsoon season

Image result for malaysia monsoon season

In Miri it is not as bad as West Malaysia (which is where the picture above is located, Johor to be exact) but just expect to be chillin indoors for awhile unless you don’t mind being blown away by the wind

Haze season 

Image result for malaysia monsoon season

Haze season is the worst! Even in Miri. You can’t see shit, you can’t breathe. Not a pleasant season.

and most importantly


Image result for musang king durian

It’s Durian man. ENOUGH SAID!

So, now if I am not mistaken we are currently in transition between the monsoon season towards the Durian season but I might be wrong, weather has been pretty funky lately with Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Anyhoots, let’s just moooovvvee on to the TBR list.

Okay, I have recently watched the revamped film adaptation of IT from Stephen King’s novel and….

Image result for i loved it gif

Image result for i loved it gif

Image result for absolutely fantastic gif

Also helped that the actor playing the new Pennywise is pretty easy on the eyes.

Image result for bill skarsgÄrd

Not so in his Pennywise get-up but still one can appreciate a good looking Swedish man especially one who has been single since the dawn of time.

Image result for new pennywise the clown

So, anyways I watched it and now I am in my Stephen King phase. I have overcome my trauma of reading From a Buick 8 and am now ready to tackle on his other works! Such as…










  • IT (DUH! I loved the movie so obviously you gotta go back and appreciate the source material)



  • Misery (I watched the movie adaptation for this one too and LOVED IT! The suspense the feel, THE TERROR!!!!!)



  • Thinner (Not much reason aside from I already own it and might as well read it)


Now, I didn’t put Carrie or The Dark Towers series in because, one, I feel that Carrie already has so much exposure and I know what you’re gonna say. IT has a lot of exposure too, I agree with that, BUT IT is a mammoth of a book with its pages clocking in at MINIMUM 1100 pages whereas Carrie is only roughly 200-ish pages and for The Dark Towers series, well it’s a series and I am not good in keeping up with a series especially if they ain’t free and publicly available at the library.

So far these are books I am planning to read before the end of the year is up. It might take me awhile what with saving my money and buying them and whatnot. Before I log off this post, tell me which Stephen King book are you interested in reading and most importantly DID YOU WATCH THE MOVIE IT??? DID YOU LIKE IT????