Day 14: Book Rant Reviews

Do you ever get into a funk in your reading life that whatever books you read it is just meh…

You don’t hate the book with a burning passion and neither do you love the book with the intensity of a thousand suns… The book is just meh…

This is where I am at with my reading/bookish life. No matter what book I read. No matter what genre. They lack the X-factor that can tap into the emotions deep DEEP within my heart and unleash the FEELS contained within.

Hence, why I currently am BINGING on book rant reviews on BookTube! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE RANT REVIEWS! Especially if they are articulate and are able to point out why they dislike the book and not meander around.

Mind you, it’s not the length that bothers me. I have listened to a book rant review that was over an hour and a half long and I did not mind it at all but the video must have its points you know.

So, I will share with you my fav BookTubers that I love listening to for a good dose of book rant reviews.

  1. Theresa (ivymuse)

I love her reviews because they’re so in depth the feels she portrays in her reviews. I live for it! She explains in detail why she doesn’t like the book and her thoughts about it and is it weird I like listening to her accent?

2. The Authentic Observer

She doesn’t do a lot of rant reviews to be honest but I till today still highly enjoy listening to her analysis of The Shadowhunter books and damn does she go deep into the topic

3. Kat (Paperbackdreams)

Kat’s rant reviews have so much feels! They are articulate and most of all they are funny as fuck! I rewatch her rant reviews on Fifty Shades of Grey all the time to get a bit of a chuckle on a downer day.

4. Caleb Joseph

Caleb doesn’t do a lot of rant reviews but whatever book reviews he does actually do I will watch immediately because I just know it’s going to be hilarious!

5. Cindy (Readwithcindy)

Another funny BookTuber… I highly suggest you guys watch her Court of Mist & Fury review. I legit snorted the tea I was drinking up my nose when I listened to it. Sarcasm on point!

6. Jordan Harvey

Jordans review I really like because its in depth (I have lost my vocabulary apparently… because I can’t think of any words to replace in depth and am too fucking lazy to look it up), its concise and its fun to listen to. Plus her voice is really soothing.

I am sure there are other BookTubers that I watch whose rant reviews I highly enjoy but I can’t remember their names.

Tell me which BookTubers do you watch to get them book feels?