Day 2: An emotional breakdown?

Okay, calling what I felt during my lunch hour an emotional breakdown might be a tad bit dramatic but it sure felt like it but let me back track through everything and explain from the start.

Starting from what is the meaning from my title of this blog post “Day 2”.

Day 2 of what you might ask?

Well it is very simple. It is my Day 2 in my attempts to reach 15k steps in a day. Now how does that correlate to an emotional breakdown during lunch you may inquire? Let me explain.

This third fitness challenge I am doing (Yes, third. I am also doing the squat challenge and the blogilates glute challenge) was meant to be a challenge so I could have something to focus on whilst I am embarking on my 6 months goal to repay my PTPTN (only for the arrears accumulated).

Something I could do without losing my sanity and a goal I could reach to feel a sort of achievement in my life but then I started to overthink the achievement part and it went into a downward spiral.

I just kept thinking and thinking and thinking of what I have NOT achieved or whatever I have already achieved is useless. The feeling was horrible. To have this feeling inside of you that just doubts or criticizes whatever you have done to make it seem so insignificant. To make any sort of internal growth redundant and stupid.

But after working out today and just releasing all that negative energy (and countless HOURS of talking to my best friends), I realized must there be an achievement? Must there be a goal at the end of it? Can’t i just be happy in the now?

So yeah that’s the gist of my emotional wreck during my lunch break.

As for the Day 2 itself, I did not hit my target of 15k today but I was close… SO CLOSE! I hit 14K. The reason why I did not push myself to reach that 15k was because I had been power walking aerobics style for the past 45 minutes. I was hungry. I had other exercise shit to do and my brain had maxed out at my cardio capacity at the 40 min mark.

I did have fun doing my cardio aerobics walk where I followed this YouTube Fitness Instructor who does these power walking videos called Gina B from the channel Up to the BEat Fit.

Her workouts are fun and easy to follow. No jumping whatsoever so its really easy on the knees and boy do I have bad knees.

And that’s that for my Day 2.


13 kgs AND BEYOND!

Your home girl lost 13 kgs in 6 months…

Related image



Let me explain…

(here is also my youtube vid on the matter fyi)


Stretch marks…

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Seeing new angry red stretch marks on my very round stomach slapped me to my senses. It’s surprising that it wasn’t seeing the scale go up to 96 kgs that made me have the epiphany that I was obese but instead seeing those red stretch marks caused me to (FINALLY) pay attention.


Intermittent Fasting

The majority of my weight loss happened during Ramadan of 2018 where I lost a whopping 6 kg’s and this is when I have yet to incorporate consistent exercising (I wasn’t physically active at all during the first three weeks of Ramadan and was only exercising during the last week because I had my period).


After losing the 6 kg’s I decided that it would be a waste if I didn’t continue this weight loss thing and so with that I renewed my gym membership and HIT THE GYM!

Image result for hitting the gym gif

I focused on cardio exercises for the first few weeks because I haven’t been to the gym in awhile and I was too self-conscious to try using dumbbells just yet in fear of doing it in public with the wrong form.

Slowly but surely I started to incorporate weight lifting and joined what is now my favorite fitness class which is the Step Up class.

Image result for hitting the gym gif

It was also during this period of time that my office organized a fitness bootcamp for overweight staffs.

So, my workout routine would be where I exercised 5-6 times a week with the majority of it focusing on cardio as I became more comfortable at the gym the cardio on all the cardio machines slowly became just a warm up exercise for me and I’d focus all my energy to doing weights as it was more fun for me.

I don’t have a set workout routine that I do but at the present moment I am into doing fitness challenges as a way to push myself not only physically but also mentally.┬áThe challenges I am doing now is the 30 days Blogilates challenge (Abs, Inner Thighs, Arms and Booty).


Previous weight: 96 kg

Current weight: 83 kg

30_6_2018Weight_ 90 kgArms_ 15_Thighs_ 26_Waist_ 36_Butt_ 47.5_Chest_ 42_ (1)






I just really like how my butt looks here #sorrynotsorry