Rating System

Rating will be out of 5 (stars? yarns? Anything?)

5 Anythings = A MUST READ. Awesome characters. Brilliant narration. Captivates my mind, soul and THE FEELS! The story just hooks your brain into it like a fish on a hook.

Anythings = Its a book that is worth reading but has some kinks here and there either from its characters, narration, pacing and so forth. Not mind blowing but almost.

3 Anythings = A chill and fun read where you just sit, relax and enjoy the story unfold without it initiating any sort of inner turmoil or deeper feelings or thoughts.

2 Anythings = The book had many problems of which I don’t even know why I am still reading it. Probably due to the confusion of it all making me want to know what is up with the confusion?

1 Anythings = I.JUST.CAN’T. This book had so many problems with it my mind just can’t process it so I just stopped reading. This only happens when the book IS THAT BAD.