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This post will be something totally unrelated to books. I will be doing a review of some skincare I just recently purchased from Althea.

For this post I will be doing a review for the ‘Killing Star Foam Cleanser’ by Chica-Y-Chico.

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Name: Killing Star Foam Cleanser

Brand: Chica-Y-Chico

Price: RM 40.00

Bought from: Althea 

About Product

KILLING STAR CLEANSER is an one stop cleanser which melts from skin waste and even the thickest make-up. Dust kill capsules gently roll on the skin and remove old dead cells, excess sebum and blackheads without any irritation. Remove your make-up in one shot with Killing Star Cleanser! you don’t need many steps and it’ll leave moisture.

It promises to:

  • Deep cleanse without double-cleansing
  • Remove blackheads
  • Moisture face after using
  • Cleanse face without irritation
  • Removes excess sebum


Jojoba Esters – Made from hydrogenated Jojoba, it is used to substitute wax in a balm and butter.


  • Sunflower Seed Oil- used as an emollient (emollient means to moisturize, or to soothe)
  • Sweet Almond Oil- used to soften chapped skin and kill germs
  • Coconut Oil – soften the skin
  • Olive Oil- moisturizes

The surfactant used in Killing Star Cleanser are from extracted palm oil and succinic acid according to the site.

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