March book haul


Hello and Assalamualaikum everybody! Like my previous post (March wrap-up) this post is also very late in me writing it and actually posting it online. But who cares eh?

In March I bought a total of five books, it would have been more but alas dear ol’ me did not have enough money even this book haul was a minor blip in will power. Let me explain, it all started like this, I initially wanted to buy skincare with my remaining RM 100+ from Etude House as they’re having promotion on their sleeping masks (to this day I regret not buying it) butttttt there is a but here; butttttttttt it so happens Popular bookstore also was having a book fair. So I was all like you know why don’t we check out the book fair first before we go to Etude House, just to check what books they have on sale… That’s what we book lovers say but don’t actually mean… Saying oh I am just having a look I am NOT going to buy anything THIS TIME I HAVE A WILL POWER OF TITANIUM!!!

Yeah let’s just say that will power went straight to the 7th door of hell the moment my toe stepped onto the threshold of said book fair. I lost all sense and sanity my mind just went into a type of tunnel vision and all I could think of is HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS CHEEEEAAAAAPPPPPPPP BOOOOOOOKKKKSSSS!!! AYEYYEYEYEYEYEYEYYEYEEYEYYEYEYEYEEYEYYEYYEEEYEY!!!!

Still a part of me was like EZZAAA EZZAAA skin care girl skin care!!! Then I replied back to myself damn it woman! Who bloody needs skin care when there are cheap books???!!! F**k bad skin!! So yeah that is how I lost control of myself, I cannot imagine how I would react going to the Big Bad Wolf Sale. I think I would just be a she-hulk and just smash my way through the throngs of people shouting I AM SARAWAKIAN YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW LONG I WAITED FOR THIS SH*T!

Okay so we are good then with the back story of March book haul let’s get started with the books! Continue reading →