About Me

I was a bookworm ever since I was a kid. My earliest memory of reading was me sprawled on the floor concentrating very hard to read aloud the Mickey Mouse version of Princess and the Pea which at that time was VERY hard for me to read.

It didn’t stop there. From Mickey Mouse I upgraded to Enid Blyton then Nancy Drew series then R. L. Stine and pretty much anything that looked or even roughly resembled a book. It is only now did I throw my prejudice towards E-books and started reading them and with the discovery of Netgalley, let me just say that all hope for me conquering my TBR list has gone out the window cracked open Earths core and slithered itself down to hell but do I regret it? From the gif below it can be seen that I REGRET NOTHING!

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Possibly that is why I don’t read just a particular genre. My love for books transcends genre although I do have a few favorite genres *historical romance*murder mysteries*coughs*coughs*. In short, books are everything to me and yes I am one of those weirdos that do try to see what you are reading without actually communicating with you even if you’re a kid reading some kids book. Like I said as long as its a book I will be interested.

It would be a dream come true to meet somebody who read the same books as I did and we can *EEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP!!!!* discuss about it!!!!!!

My ultimate dream is to own my own house where I can fill it with books, books and MORE BOOKS! and possibly die from being crushed by tons of books!

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