Book Review (#104): Duchess by Night by Eloisa James

Title: Duchess by Night

Author: Eloisa James

Published: 24 June 2008

Publisher: Avon

Rating: 3/5

One night’s disguise could lead to a lifetime of passion…

A Mischievous Charade…

Harriet, Duchess of Berrow, is tired of her title and the responsibilities that come along with it. Enough with proper tea parties and elegant balls; what Harriet really wants is to attend an outrageous soiree where she can unleash her wildest whims and desires. But to attend such an event—especially if the event in question is Lord Justinian Strange’s rollicking fete, filled with noble rogues and rotters, risqué ladies and illicit lovers—would be certain scandal. That’s why she must disguise herself . . .

Looking forward to a night of uninhibited pleasure, Lord Strange is shocked to discover that beneath the clothes of a no-good rake is the most beautiful woman in the room. Why is a woman like her risking her reputation at his notorious affair? And can he possibly entice her to stay . . . forever?


Thus, I don’t think Eloisa James’s books are for me especially if its audiobook, I think hardcopy would be a different matter, the reason I say this is due to the fact that to me this book dragged on forever for me and I MEAN FOREVER!


Also, I don’t understand why Harriet had to dress as a man to join in the party, Villiers said its due to Tem (Justinian strange, hero of the book) having a disdain for nobility but it was never shown why he has such a disdain for them. I wish there was a better reason that Harriet had to dress as a man, perhaps a good prank? She wanted to feel the freedom that a man has… something more substantial instead of just wanting entry to Tem’s infamous parties.

I say this because eventually most of the characters figure out Harriet is a woman so what was the point? Like what you wanted to have some queerbaiting ala Coffee Prince? or Midsummers Nights? What?

Another issue I have or don’t understand is Harriet’s feelings for Tem’s parties. First, she says she enjoys it and loves it and the freedom she has but then soon after she says she hates it, she hates how there are strangers in Tem’s house constantly and how it is unsafe for his daughter and such and then she wants Tem to change his life. Like, you can’t have it both ways, you can’t love his parties yet also hate it, because if you did that wouldn’t that make you a hypocrite?

Also, this turn to hating his parties felt so rushed. They were having fun and enjoying themselves and then suddenly she just ups and hates it. This change truly felt like it came out of nowhere. Like, okay chill girl.

My last point that made me disappointed in the book was how tame Tem’s parties were. I was fully expecting a sex orgy ala Eyes Wide Shut but what I read was just boring plays and boring dinners. Had the author also explored other aspects of worldbuilding in the book, I felt like the book would have been far more interesting to listen to.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this book although the premise was so promising.

Book Review (#103): Rogues Rush In by Tessa Dare and Christi Caldwell

Title: Rogues Rush In

Author: Tessa Dare & Christi Caldwell

Published: 22 May 2018

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Rating: 3/5

Two scandalous brides…
Two rogues who won’t be denied…

His Bride for the Taking by New York Times Bestselling author Tessa Dare
It’s the first rule of friendship among gentlemen: Don’t even think about touching your best friend’s sister. But Sebastian, Lord Byrne, has never been one for rules. He’s thought about touching Mary Clayton—a lot—and struggled to resist temptation. But when Mary’s bridegroom leaves her waiting the altar, only Sebastian can save her from ruin. By marrying her himself.

In eleven years, he’s never laid a finger on his best friend’s sister. Now he’s going to take her with both hands. To have, to hold…and to love.

His Duchess for a Day by USA Today Bestseller Christi Caldwell
It was never meant to be…
That’s what Elizabeth Terry has told herself while trying to forget the man she married–her once best friend. Passing herself off as a widow, Elizabeth has since built a life for herself as an instructor at a finishing school, far away from that greatest of mistakes. But the past has a way of finding you, and now that her husband has found her, Elizabeth must face the man she’s tried to forget.

It was time to right a wrong…
Crispin Ferguson, the Duke of Huntington, has spent the past years living with regret. The young woman he married left without a by-your-leave, and his hasty elopement had devastating repercussions. Despite everything, Crispin never stopped thinking about Elizabeth. Now that he’s found her, he has one request—be his duchess, publicly, just for a day.

Can spending time together as husband and wife rekindle the bond they once shared? Or will a shocking discovery tear them apart…this time, forever?

His Bride for the Taking by Tessa Dare (Rating: 3/5)

No complaints about this book honestly. It was short and sweet.

His duchess for a Day by Christi Caldwell (Rating: 2/5)

His Duchess for a Day INFURIATED ME!!! Truly.

9 years… 9 years that stupid bimbo ran away and hid from her husband and so-called bestfriend. Over what? A simple misunderstanding? She says they used to be bestfriends yet were they really because if a simple misunderstanding can cause such a rift it is logical to think that they had the worst communication ever for supposed bestfriends.

I can come to understand why she did not want to confront Crispin but then it is not fair to feel resentment and disdain for Crispin when the man doesn’t even know why you left for FUCKING NINE YEARS. You were the one who left without any explanation and yet you feel you have every right to be pissed at Crispin.

Couldn’t you guys talk it out? Then, you’re telling me within one day that 9 years didn’t matter, that you still had feelings for him. Honestly, the 9 years bothers me so much. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE WHATSOEVER.

Yeah, I hated this novella. It was absolutely stupid.

Book Review (#102): The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding by Stacy Reid

Title: The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding

Author: Stacy Reid

Published: May 2017

Publisher: Entangled Scandalous

Rating: 3/5

Victorian Era England…
 As far as rash decisions go, it was formidable. But Lady Jocelyn Rathbourne’s will remains strong. If the only way to save her family’s estate and reputation is by aiming a small pistol at the Duke of Calydon, then so be it. For Lady Jocelyn demands satisfaction – and she will have it at any cost. Even if it means demanding the hand of the intense and foreboding Duke himself… But she’s made the first move against a very dangerous opponent… For Sebastian Thornton is no stripling to be trifled with. The lady has played her hand. Now it’s his turn. For Sebastian is in need of a wife. And to find a wife with spirit and fire – even if she means to only marry for his money – would be a great prize indeed. And he intends to thoroughly take his pleasure with her… and demands his own satisfaction in return.

I genuinely enjoyed reading A Duke’s Shotgun Wedding as it had the a few main things I enjoyed in historical romance:

  • Smut
  • Independent woman who knows what she wants and who she wants

The only problem I have with this book is just that the pacing of the book was too fast which made everything felt very instantaneous, very insta-lovey, but it is a novella length book so I am not too sure if its fair to judge it so. But, the book would have definitely been far better had the book been given more time to pace everything out properly.

Overall, still an enjoyable book.

Book Review (#101): The Beast of Beswick by Amalie Howard

Title: The Beast of Beswick

Author: Amalie Howard

Published: 26 November 2019

Publisher: Entangled (Amara)

Rating: 4/5

Lord Nathaniel Harte, the disagreeable Duke of Beswick, spends his days smashing porcelain, antagonizing his servants, and snarling at anyone who gets too close. With a ruined face like his, it’s hard to like much about the world. Especially smart-mouthed harpies—with lips better suited to kissing than speaking—who brave his castle with indecent proposals.

But Lady Astrid Everleigh will stop at nothing to see her younger sister safe from a notorious scoundrel, even if it means offering herself up on a silver platter to the forbidding Beast of Beswick himself. And by offer, she means what no highborn lady of sound and sensible mind would ever dream of—a tender of marriage with her as his bride.

I have no major qualms with this book and overall immensely enjoyed reading it. I loved how Astrid just came barging in and demanded a job from Nathaniel and when he didn’t give her a job, she just came anyway and basically flung herself into his life whether he liked it or not.

The only minor issue I have with this book which to be honest is a bit nitpicky was the fact that Nathaniel keeps running away from Astrid. I understand it is due to his insecurities over his looks and the like but I must say after the hundredth time he pushes Astrid away, it does get overbearingly tedious.

Like, come on man! What else is the woman supposed to do to show the depth of her affections for you????

Another point I have to make is how unrealistic the pain that Nathaniel suffers through due to his war injury. I say unrealistic because the pain he felt at the start of the book is completely forgotten by the end of the end. Not to mention his sexual stamina is still intact…

But I get it, its a historical romance so yeah. Definitely, recommend this book, its a fun read, was it perfect? Nah but hey still good.