Unforgettable Books

I was supposed to write a post about WWW Wednesdays but because there has literally been next to no improvement from last weeks post, it was just a no go. Being a working adult is hard. You’re tired all the time and when you come home you just veg out and between cooking and doing household chores and the odd insert of working out reading for me has just been pushed to the back-burner (is this the right way to use this word? I don’t think so but it sounded correct in my mind).

Anyways, in the random times I was able to read I read a few books that just stuck to my mind… some of them annoyingly so and hence this blog post is just to regurgitate what I have been thinking all this while.

One of the books of which the plot still lingers in my mind for a myriad of reasons is The Terror by Dan Simmons.

The book is a fictionalized version of the doomed Sir John Franklin expedition back in 1845 and the plot terrified me not because of the supposed monster living in the book that haunted the crew but because I keep thinking of how horrifying it must be for those men to be stuck in a cold, barren and desolate land with no hope of being rescued or saved and the chance of survival is getting lower and lower by each passing day. It must be so depressing especially since from a documentary I watched on a few theories as to why the expedition failed was that the men were slowly dying of tin poisoning as well as suffering from scurvy. Can you imagine? Bleeding from every pore of your body? You’re cold and hungry and you know you’re slowly dying. You will never get married. You will never see your families again. None of the people who cared about you will know what happened to you. To me that is true horror right there but alas the book ruined the psychological horror/thriller of it towards the last half of the book. It should have maintained the tone and feel and realism it had from the first book and made the ending more ambiguous.

Another book I keep thinking about is again From a Buick 8 by Stephen King. This book truly makes me wonder as to whether it is a five star rating book or a two star rating book (the rating to which I gave it all those years ago) because its 2019 and that books plot and themes still resonate in my mind. Basically what stuck by me is what the protagonist or the father of the protagonist said about how humans if exposed to even the most spectacular phenomenon if exposed to it everyday they will be used to it and it will stop being so spectacular and that it’ll be their routine and thus do not take safety precautions handling it anymore. That is what happened in this book. They find this odd car that creates all this bizarre and unexplained situations or creatures and at first they took precautions but after decades and decades of having the car there the people just assumed they knew everything there was to know and lost interest in it but the car still had a few tricks up its tires. The book just made me ponder on the human condition I suppose like how when we first get new gadgets for example a new phone; for the the first few months we take good care of it and next thing ya know the phone falls everywhere and you barely give a damn.

Do you guys have these types of books that are just unforgettable?


  1. Yes, I do… but I think the books I find unforgettable are nicer than yours – partly because I’m too much of a wuss to read anything that distressing these days. I hope when you get the headspace to read again, you find other unforgettable books that are awesome and thought provoking, rather than terrifying:)).

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