Day 7: Clarity

Sorry I didnt post day 6. I spent the whole day in the ER and was too exhausted to write anything.

My thoughts on day 6 was that as I spent the whole day in the ER and was a complete mess, crying my eyes out panicking out of my mind, I realized that at the end of the day no matter who your friends are no matter who your family members are you are on your own.

You have got to have your own resources to draw from when shit hits the fan because you might not be able to depend on your family. Im not saying that family members or friends will not help or dont want to help but what if they cant ya know?

You are not the only one that has a life or is in some deep shit. You cant just fully depend on somebody else to help you fix your problems.

Its great if they could but when they can’t, you have to someway somehow pick up your shattered pieces hot glue them together, move on and learn from the experience to be better.

Also another thought was that in attaining physical health we must not forget spiritual health. It doesnt matter if youre religious or dont believe in any religion, spiritual health is equally as important to ensure that your core self is centered. That you can weather any storms and not crack, like how I cracked.

I know it seemed like a small issue sending a family member to the ER but what you have to understand was I have never done it before ALONE. Doing all this alone had made me realize adulting isnt just about paying bills. Its about knowing what to do when serious shit happens, stick tk the decision and not losing your calm.

You cant help others when you yourself is an emotional wreck.

Well those are my thoughts these past few days.

Makes me realize now life isn’t all shit giggles no more.

For tomorrows post I will be posting a book review so check it out and leave a like!


  1. So sorry you went through such an upsetting experience. It’s always horrible to find yourself tipped into that kind of thing… As a wiser person once said to me during a miserable time – This, too, shall pass…

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