Day 5: Moderation & Medical Insurance

If you read yesterdays post I talked about how my 15k challenge has been postponed due to me helping a very sick family member although I am probably just here helping out in the terms of giving moral support rather than doing anything much.

What can you do for somebody whose so sick and when meds from the hospital dont help.

Anyways seeing said family member in so much pain and so sick has made me realize we all must take good… Not just good but GREAT EXCELLENT care of our health.


We must exercise!

We must eat healthy!

We must prioritize health!

Be it physical health or mental health!

And also the importance of MODERATION!

Moderation in every aspect of your life because I honestly feel that is the best way for long term happiness, longevity and obviously health

Seeing said family member in pain has made me hasten my want to get medical insurance because at least with medical insurance I need not worry about how to pay my medical bills if I am ever admitted which is one less worry you need when you’re already in so much pain

So please I urge all my readers… All two of them (Lol I know) that we must ensure health so we won’t be in pain and please if you can invest in medical insurance

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