Elementary… My Thoughts

I love BBC Sherlock, I thought the show was fantastic in all aspects; writing, cinematography, acting, witty dialogue, plot etc. The list was endless in my mind of how good the show was and thus when I knew Elementary came out I being the snob that I was back then refused to watch because I didn’t think it could add anything new to Sherlock be it but now I realized I WAS A FOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL! because if you haven’t realized yet… I L.O.V.E THIS show!

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I have binged watch two seasons of it within a week and a half and I can say I am OBSESSED!

The main reason for this new obsession is because Elementary unlike the BBC Sherlock allows me to deduce alongside the main characters. This makes it fun, I feel like I am the Watson to Sherlock (even though Watson herself is in the show).Image result for elementary gif funny

Another thing is the acting. I felt Jonny Lee Millers acting is superb from the obvious facial ticks to the subtle ones even to how Sherlock reacts to different people. He acts differently to Watson as he does to his brother Mycroft. He is nicer to Watson but he is like a brat to his brother.

Best thing about this show that I absolutely love is how funny it is. It is just hilarious for me because there’s this one episode where Watson was asked by a friend to find her one night stand guy because her friend, Jennifer, felt he was the one and so she did and she asked Sherlock if he wanted to help but he was resistant and Watson did her own research and it annoyed Sherlock up until Sherlock revealed Image result for elementary gifthat the one night stand guy was him and I was like “WHAT?!!?!?”. The reveal was so funny to me because of how it was revealed, how Sherlock was acting and how Watson reacted.

Also, Sherlock tends to lie about Watsons abilities such as she holds multiple black belts in various forms of martial arts and Watsons face is just like “wtf? No I don’t” and this happens all the time and Watson just has to go with the lie and in this one episode she had to pretend she was the best in the world in terms of personal security service. So, bodo (stupid) hahahahah…

So, far I am about to start on season 3 and I am hoping it will stay good or better yet get even better!

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This show is so much fun and also so deep because we also get to see how Sherlock deals with his addiction and how sometimes he makes mistakes or he does things that have major consequences and those consequences may lead to people dying or him losing good friends. It shows that Sherlock Holmes whilst being very intelligent is also a man and a man who makes mistakes that he has to learn from.

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I swear I am enjoying this show far far too much. I watch it on the way to work, going back from work, during lunch, to the toilet, at the toilet…. Everywhere…

Image result for elementary gif mrs hudsonAlso! Also, the actress who plays Ms. Hudson is really a trans woman!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!! At first I was like meh she must be played by a cis woman but then I googled just to see if I was right then I saw OMG she is played by actress Candis Cayne (who is gorgeous mind you), a REAL TRANS WOMAN! My love for this show just exploded I must say because… because in the show she was just Ms. Hudson whose main occupation is being the kept woman, the muse to many influential and powerful men, nothing about her being transgender was out rightly spoken except for a slight hint when Watson said that Ms. Hudson has an adam apple but besides that nothing else and I loved it because it allowed Ms. Hudson to shine because of her own personality.

It is so much fun to compare all Sherlock and Watsons that I have watched because they’re just so different yet so similar between BBC Sherlock to RDJ’s Sherlock to Elementary’s Sherlock (I haven’t watched the old adaptations of Sherlock but I will soon enough).



  1. It was during my intense love for BBC’s Sherlock that I became aware of Elementary, and I decided not to watch it because it just seemed so different and I already had one Sherlock love in my life so I didn’t need another. But now that super intense love of Sherlock has waned a bit, and I need new shows in my life so maybe I should start this one! I do love mysteries, and it sounds like when you watch it you’re finding the clues and figuring out things with the characters, which is super fun in my opinion.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much! I hope the rest of the seasons live up to the first two for you 🙂

    (Just as a note… trans woman is two words, and it should be cis woman not real woman as all women are real women 🙂 )



    1. ah my apologies because sometimes i see the as one word and also will rephrase that sentence since it is ignorant of me to write it that way and thanks for pointing it out 😀



    2. and i feel u regarding sherlock cz thats what i felt too and after finishing season 4 i didnt know what else to watch hahaha



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