Well i havent been posting yet again but that’s just because I am swamped with work, sports training and my freelance writing job but once the sports training is done I should be able to post more regularly. Although I will do a blog covering the open day organised by the single mothers association soon so just wait for that post ohhhh and after that I’ll do a blog for my natural DIY fertilizer.

Elementary… My Thoughts

I love BBC Sherlock, I thought the show was fantastic in all aspects; writing, cinematography, acting, witty dialogue, plot etc. The list was endless in my mind of how good the show was and thus when I knew Elementary came out I being the snob that I was back then refused to watch because I didn’t think it could add anything new to Sherlock be it but now I realized I WAS A FOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL! because if you haven’t realized yet… I L.O.V.E THIS show!

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I have binged watch two seasons of it within a week and a half and I can say I am OBSESSED!

The main reason for this new obsession is because Elementary unlike the BBC Sherlock allows me to deduce alongside the main characters. This makes it fun, I feel like I am the Watson to Sherlock (even though Watson herself is in the show).Image result for elementary gif funny

Another thing is the acting. I felt Jonny Lee Millers acting is superb from the obvious facial ticks to the subtle ones even to how Sherlock reacts to different people. He acts differently to Watson as he does to his brother Mycroft. He is nicer to Watson but he is like a brat to his brother.

Best thing about this show that I absolutely love is how funny it is. It is just hilarious for me because there’s this one episode where Watson was asked by a friend to find her one night stand guy because her friend, Jennifer, felt he was the one and so she did and she asked Sherlock if he wanted to help but he was resistant and Watson did her own research and it annoyed Sherlock up until Sherlock revealed Image result for elementary gifthat the one night stand guy was him and I was like “WHAT?!!?!?”. The reveal was so funny to me because of how it was revealed, how Sherlock was acting and how Watson reacted.

Also, Sherlock tends to lie about Watsons abilities such as she holds multiple black belts in various forms of martial arts and Watsons face is just like “wtf? No I don’t” and this happens all the time and Watson just has to go with the lie and in this one episode she had to pretend she was the best in the world in terms of personal security service. So, bodo (stupid) hahahahah…

So, far I am about to start on season 3 and I am hoping it will stay good or better yet get even better!

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This show is so much fun and also so deep because we also get to see how Sherlock deals with his addiction and how sometimes he makes mistakes or he does things that have major consequences and those consequences may lead to people dying or him losing good friends. It shows that Sherlock Holmes whilst being very intelligent is also a man and a man who makes mistakes that he has to learn from.

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I swear I am enjoying this show far far too much. I watch it on the way to work, going back from work, during lunch, to the toilet, at the toilet…. Everywhere…

Image result for elementary gif mrs hudsonAlso! Also, the actress who plays Ms. Hudson is really a trans woman!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!! At first I was like meh she must be played by a cis woman but then I googled just to see if I was right then I saw OMG she is played by actress Candis Cayne (who is gorgeous mind you), a REAL TRANS WOMAN! My love for this show just exploded I must say because… because in the show she was just Ms. Hudson whose main occupation is being the kept woman, the muse to many influential and powerful men, nothing about her being transgender was out rightly spoken except for a slight hint when Watson said that Ms. Hudson has an adam apple but besides that nothing else and I loved it because it allowed Ms. Hudson to shine because of her own personality.

It is so much fun to compare all Sherlock and Watsons that I have watched because they’re just so different yet so similar between BBC Sherlock to RDJ’s Sherlock to Elementary’s Sherlock (I haven’t watched the old adaptations of Sherlock but I will soon enough).


WWW Wednesdays


WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words and you just answer three simple questions and BA-DA-BOOM! You are done.

So the three WWW’s are:

  • What are you currently reading
  • What did you recently finish
  • What do you think you’ll read next

Currently reading


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Reading Next

How Book Blogging *coughs*Netgalley*coughs* Changed My Reading Habits

I review more and less books

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Confusing I know. I review more books from Netgalley but review less hardcopy books from libraries or my own books unless I run out of reviews for my Netgalley books then any draft reviews from other sources will do to keep my blog up and running. I do this not because I dislike reviewing hard copy books but more because with Netgalley it gives me a chance to up my rating whereas other sources they don’t so I have no obligations.

I read more books but less diverse ones

Pre-Netgalley I only read books from the library because I didn’t have enough money to buy new books, at least not fully priced ones, which forced me to read diversely; murder mysteries, contemporary, middle grade, historical fiction, non-fiction, biographies, self-help, art, you name it but now… now I just read a lot of historical romance with dashes of other genres. It kills me but at the same time historical romance has become my comfort zone, it is so easy to read and digest. There is no nuance to it, I don’t need to think I can just ride the wave of feels. I can read 3 in a day man whereas other genres it takes me DAYYYYSSSSSSS… WEEKS to finish.

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I buy less books but my TBR pile is off the charts

Surprising I know! I swear after Netgalley my need to buy physical books has lessened immensely but at the same time I can’t control myself from clicking that request button on Netgalley thus why my rating has NEVER been above 37-38%. Every time I manage to read a ton of Netgalley books I request twice as more. It’s a problem I know.

I made friends

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Not a lot but that’s just because I am not the type to comment on other bloggers post, it’s more towards I don’t know what to say other than saying it was a great review or great post or that I found the post insightful. I am not the best at any sort of banter but anyways yeah, I made friends and it’s nice when I have a post up and I have actual readers who read my stuff consistently. It’s flattering. My previous blog had no audience.

I feel guilty re-reading books

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When you have a Netgalley TBR pile as high as your roof that NEEDS to be read and reviewed you would feel guilty of re-reading too. I only re-read Harry Potter recently because my reading slump due to a slew of unfortunate books has dampened my optimism in reading.


Pelukis Jalanan… A Review


Title: Pelukis Jalanan

Author: Teme Abdullah

Publisher: Iman publication

Published: January 2016

Source: Library

Rating: 5/5

I am quite prejudiced against my own race especially when it comes to  literature which explains why I rarely if ever read any Malay books. Not to say I don’t, I do, just very very rarely. The last Malay book I read was I think about 5-6 years ago (Projek Memikat Suami) and that was due to me watching the tv drama version of it and really enjoying it and when I knew it was adapted from a book I instantly bought it.

The reason for this whole prejudice needs a whole post on its own but basically its sexist, non-progressive, stereotypical and lacks any character development and why I am discussing all this instead of reviewing the book in question is because of these prejudices is why I never sought to even want to read Pelukis Jalanan even though I saw it on my twitter feed for years.

Incidently, I saw this book in the library and thought to myself I don’t want to be prejudice anymore so why don’t we give it a go and I did and I loved the book!

I loved the book due to a few reasons and they are listed below:

  • Relatability

Relatability because the guy is Malay and a muslim like myself . He did his SPM like me (true he is smarter but that’s not the point). He too had phases of having trouble to uphold his religion not due to lack of belief but because of life interfering and making one lose focus. So, I liked that and also the author is pretty funny and how he talks/writes is how I would write or react.

  • Mixing of English and Malay

My Malay is absolutely APPALLING, ABHORRENT, DISGUSTING…mind you just choose any synonyms and it will apply to my lack of knowledge in Malay. I truly feel that English is my mother tongue. So, anyways this book uses a mix of both language and it was a lifesaver because then I can fully understand what is being conveyed.

  • Bravado & YOLO

The first few pages of the book already states that Teme (the author) didn’t have a place to stay, didn’t have enough money for food or heck was even enrolled in the university he was planning to go for when he decided to go to UK. That alone made me feel like “DAMN! This guy has balls!”. He just has the guts to just go and YOLO the f*ck out of it and prays for the best which obviously made me want to read on because I want to know is this guy going to be okay.

Yeah, those are my reasons for loving this book and I enjoyed the book so much I actually bought the second book of which I haven’t started yet but I will soon.