Breaking Up Is Hard To Do… But You Could’ve Done Better


Title: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do… But You Could’ve Done Better

Author: Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell

Published: 10 January 2017

Publisher: Animal Media Group LLC

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3/5

Goodreads summary

Anonymous break up stories from men and women, old and young, serious and silly and the cartoons that inspired them. Author and artist Hilary Campbell turns the painful into the hilarious, validating emotions from forgotten middle school tragedies to relationships that ended only hours ago.


I really enjoyed this book and finished it within half an hour. It is really entertaining to read on how people broke up and why.

The stories were short and range from funny, wacky, crazy and just plain stupid and gives an insight on how relationships are in real life. People do crazy shit man for their relationship be it breaking up or attempting to make their partner stay.

And that is pretty much what I have got to say really. It’s short and entertaining. I would definitely recommend it for people who just broke up or is attempting to rise from the dead and conquer their reading slump.

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