Ezza’s Fitness Sundates

Okay I am a bit late in posting this but hey I was busy. So far last weeks fitness was better in comparison to Week 2 where I did absolutely nothing. This week I went for a jog I think 3-4 times a week and did two strength training’s.

I can see that my jogging is getting better, I am not getting as much cramps or leg pain as much anymore now and yesterday went and did some strength training at the gym and today I am crazy sore but it feels good because I havent felt this sore in months.

Oh before I forget my office has this biggest loser challenge where obviously the person who loses the most wins prizes and who knew that all it took for me to be strict with my diet was just to tap into my competitive side because I want to win damn it!

The prizes range from ipad, fitbit, sports vouchers and others but I have my eyes set on the first two which is fitbit or the ipad and I WILL WIN. I say this because I am currently 93 kg so there probability that I lose a lot and easily is definitely there.

On Saturday I was invited to review a Hi-Tea event at Marriott Hotel so I will probably post that review on Wednesday since its my random blog post day anyway.

Still haven’t reviewed any books yet because I only finished one book in this month. Just one. I have just been so busy and when I do have time to read its just a page or two before I fall asleep.

And that is it for my fitness Sundates, will try to improve and complete my 30 km run this week and just be consistent and keep my diet in check.


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