Ezza’s Fitness Sundates

Hello my fellow readers. This is a new series of posts for me where I update as you can guess from the title my fitness updates (Sunday + Updates = Sundates… geddit?).

This week I went for a walk/jog about three times which is not bad I guess, I could have done better but hey whats done is done. The whole going for a morning run is not doing for me. I cannot for the life of me wake up at the crack of dawn then jog only to rush to get ready for work. My body is just not prepped for that amount of motivation to workout.

I am doing the whole slow jog I saw on Facebook and it seems to suit me, I am not out of breath, my knees don’t hurt and things have been going pretty okay lately that there is nothing much to discuss.

Whenever I am not able to go for a walk/jog, I just either take it as a rest day or do Sarawakian style gardening of which now I think about it I should do a blog post on it.

So far that is it for this update really. By the way if you have any tips for me in terms of jogging/running where my calves are not sore during a jog can you share with me because sometimes my calf just get so sore mid-jog that I have to stop and it isn’t lactic acid or anything because it only occurs on one leg.



  1. I’m glad you aren’t suffering from sore knees, but I think you do need to be at least a bit out of breath, or your body isn’t getting any cardiac/vascular improvement. As regards the calf problem, it sounds very much like cramp, which is miserable. Make sure you are thoroughly warming up before you start and then do a proper cooldown afterwards. The cure is to stand on tip-toes – it feels agonising initially but it then does go away and as you get fitter, the cramp should ease down. Best of luck! I start back with my Pilates and Fitstep the week after next…

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