Ezza’s 2017 wrap up

Well 2017 has come and gone by pretty fast in my opinion and with it let us recap my 2017 and see how I can improve and make 2018 BETTER!

So at the start of 2017 I was really pumped for completely annihilating my 2016 Goodreads reading challenge. I set myself up to read 120 books in a year thinking that I too am a reader and if other people can read hundreds of books a year then so can I.

Image result for maniacal laugh

Now, let us all laugh together in looking back and seeing the burst of optimism that 2017 Ezza had because let’s be real there was no way in hell I could have read 120 books whilst juggling: a) a full time job, b) family issues, c) changing jobs/interviews and such, d) EFFIN READING SLUMPS FROM HELL (!!!!!!).

I could barely reach 60 with my reading and all that is with short stories, short novels, AND audiobooks. So, you can imagine 2017 reading wise was a shit year for me. Actually just make it an overall shit year not just reading wise. I mean I:

  1. Didn’t lose any weight
  2. DID NOT RUN  a marathon
  3. DID NOT EVEN TRAIN for a marathon
  4. Got fired from my tuition job (both of them mind you)
  5. Got the job I interviewed for but it was definitely not what I expected it to be and was miserable for the whole 2 months I have been working there
  6. Did not manage to make my Netgalley TBR list down to half of what it is
  7. Did not save any money for my savings

Butttt there were some good times in 2017 with my friends and heck I with my new pay managed to buy 4 new shoes and for a shoe person thats pretty cool PLUS I just bought new Nike running shoes. So, yeah.

Now, to rectify all of this unachieved goals, I have seen that my biggest problem is discipline. Not dedication nor motivation but honest to God DISCIPLINE! Because honestly with every new actor I am currently obsessed with my motivation just grows stronger because in my loony mind we can actually be together because I truly believe if God says yes THEN EVERYTHING BE DAMNED BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE CAN SAY NO!

Image result for ADAM DRIVER

Am in my Adam Driver phase just so you know. I know he married but a girl can appreciate God’s fiiiinnne… fine work. 😉

Thus, I have decided to dial down my motivation and obsessive energy to bite sized chunks. For example, with the 2018 reading challenge I will now choose something I know I can finish maybe just choose one that just says hey you can read 10-25 books and you are done type of thing and so once I am done with that challenge I can choose another reading challenge instead of going all ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY BOOKS HERE I COME.

With my fitness on the other hand, I was thinking that for January I just focus on running. Just one thing. I will do some strength training to supplement my running muscles but my focus will solely be on running. Also, as a back up plan aside from buying new running shoes I have entered myself into a virtual run called the Doodle Run organised by Another Running Club where all I have to do is run 30 km in a month and send them the results to get my medal and a T-shirt.

I even planned an over-arching 2018 project which consists of smaller projects but essentially the project is GET EZZA A MAN FOR 2018.

Image result for i need a man gif

Work wise its a bit ambiguous because my contract was extended but only for 3 months so after that I am not sure whether I would be extended again and with that the initial plan is this, I will just send out resumes and stuff to companies just as a back up just in case my contract is not extended it would suck balls though if I have to go back to a salary smaller than what I make now. Soooooooo, my supplementary plan to that is to legit take in any information any knowledge I can from my work place now so when I apply at another company I can regurgitate whatever I have learned so it wouldn’t look so much like I am just some idiot. Also, I will say hi and whatnot to LEGIT everybody at the office and wear make up and look glam all day everyday.

Pretty much that is my plan for 2018 and I will post updates occasionally just to keep all ya’ll updated on my progress. I am planning to do an Ezza’s Fitness Sundates on Sundays just to keep track of my progress for myself and also to be accountable really. Oh! Oh! I forgot the bikini body losing weight thing is also for my vacation with my cousins in April, I am not too sure if posted this yet. So yeah wish me luck and this year I can do it because I am 25 this year and this will be the year I get my shit together for once.



  1. Best of luck with your fitness regime and I think your instinct to go for baby steps is a sound one. I’ll also keep my fingers crossed for you regarding your job situation – it’s never easy to find yourself earning less instead of more! Overall, 2017 wasn’t a kind year to many of us – let’s hope that 2018 is better!x

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