If you don’t know who PewDiePie is I will assume you are pretty old then. PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTuber on EARTH! I am not kidding you, as of 27th of January at 9.30 pm (Malaysian Time Zone) his subscriber count is 60,271,575. Yes, SIXTY MILLION and this post is nothing but a random post where I write on why I find PewDiePie entertaining.

Funnily enough I wasn’t a fan of his old content, I didn’t appreciate the constant screaming and the game heavy videos. I just couldn’t relate to his videos back then (didn’t help that I didn’t have any internet connections) but now that he does a variety of random shit (you could also say PewDiePie is multi-faceted) I feel more interested in his videos. His videos are generally entertaining because he does a lot of stupid shit and most of the times it doesn’t involve him doing anything physical.

Image result for very nice pewdiepie gifHis videos legit make my day as it makes me laugh so early in the morning. Poods new content range from meta-commentary on YouTube or whatever is happening right now in the world to random move reviews of movies he genuinely enjoys. My favorite video content from him is whenever he does a review (of anything really), I like to hear his thoughts and his funny reactions to said whatever he is reviewing. Like honestly, he also does arts and crafts videos just because. There is no other reason than just because.

I also enjoy videos where he has his girlfriend, Marzia, in the video with him and they play the silliest games; be it video games or just random board games. Marzia’s videos really complements Poods own wacky videos because of her calm and soothing aesthetic which is why I tend to watch Pood’s videos during the day and Marzia’s videos during the night.

But the one thing I like and admire from Poods is his honesty and work ethic (?). His Image result for very nice pewdiepie gifhonesty because he did one video where he explained he couldn’t do lets plays anymore because it didn’t make him happy as well as sincerely apologizing for when he makes a grievous mistake and also knows when to stand his ground. Like its hard for me to find honesty such as that in YouTube these days (before you shit on me I don’t put Jack, Mark, Ken and etc in this generalization they seem pretty honest) and its this honesty that makes me feel like he isn’t selling me BS just for more wealth.

Work ethic is because the guy uploads videos every single day and yeah you might say that isn’t hard but just imagine the work he puts into doing these videos where he has to do a shit ton of them and more so he could upload them on a regular basis without much Image result for pewdiepie squad fam gifproblem. That is not even including the editing, internet problem and other projects that he has. So, yeah work ethic.

So, anyways my current favorite videos from Poods are in this playlist and to be honest the YouTuber Uniquenameosaurus sums up pretty well why to me PewDiePie is entertaining in this video.

And thats it for this weeks Random Wednesdays post. Maybe next week I’ll talk about Matpat. We’ll see.


Ezza & the High Tea at Marriott Hotel

Hello there readers of mine! Last Saturday I was invited to having High Tea at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa Hotel under Sarawak Bloggers which was hosted at its open concept deli (Borneo Baking Company, BBCo.) which I being the uninhibited foodie that I am accepted graciously. Like what is diet even?…

Image result for did you say free food gif

So, I went there and my fellow bloggers and I was greeted by the Executive Chef – Chef Len Ivan Osmund, Chef de Partie – Chef Clora A’an Lian, F&B Manager – Mr. Gunalan Batumalai along with Ms. Chu, Assistant MarCom Manager whereby we were also given complimentary mango smoothies which I might say was ‘Veryyyyyyy Niceeeeee’ (imagine it in PewDiePie’s voice).

After awhile we were Image result for what is going on gifgiven menus to choose our drinks from as well as being served with what I am assuming to be an appetizer platter (mind you I was so out of my depth here… half the time I had no idea what was going on) which consisted of Quiche, Empanadas and Curry Puff (Okay the Empanadas might just be beef pastry puff but I am dead sure Chef Len said a Mexican sounding food name so we are sticking to the Empanadas!).

2018-01-25 07-814372168..jpg

The Quiche, Empanadas & Curry Puff

Of all three the one that I really enjoyed was the Empanadas due to the beef filling where I can really taste the bell peppers and also the beef was really soft and easy to chew (it didn’t have random huge chunks or anything). Also, the pastry used in both the Empanadas and curry puff was very smooth and it ala melts in your mouth.

After awhile my nerves calmed down (didn’t help that earlier I slipped on the staircase at the hotel lobby) and I started to enjoy myself, the serving of 3 yummy cakes might or might not have helped eased my nerves.

The three cakes that we tried were… DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Peanut Butter cake

The PB cake is the cake of the month for January at BBCo. and I liked it. It was creamy, soft and you can really taste the chocolate although personally I would have liked it better had the peanut butter taste been more pronounced.

Biscuit Slice cake

2018-01-25 08-253653968..jpg

Biscuit Slice cake on the other hand is the cake of the month for February and with this cake I again enjoyed it and really liked the taste of the cream cheese. I found that the dark chocolate topping helped cut through the sweetness of the cream cheese filling although my fellow bloggers found the cake a tad bit too sweet for them.

Marble Cheese cake

Image result for adventure time ghost gif ooo

I kind of ate all of the cake before remembering that I needed a pic… my bad 😛

The Marble Cheese cake is my favorite amongst the three but that is because I am a cheese fanatic. Why I liked this better than the Biscuit Slice is because I wasn’t so into the biscuit aspect of the cake plus the Marble Cheese cake was so decadent and rich and just oh-so-tasty.

The cakes can be bought as individual slices or bought as a whole cake or even half a cake and the prices are as follows:

  • Whole cake – RM 95 nett ( 1 kg)
  • Half cake – RM 55 nett (1/2 kg)

and the BEST NEWS! BBCo. offers half price on its selected pastries and cakes from 8 – 10 pm. So I definitely suggest that you head on over to BBCo. at that time when you broke but you still want your cake because honestly that bikini body can wait.

Image result for what diet gif

After doing a taste test of the cakes we were shown how the High Tea set will be served and its presentation where Chef Len explained that he wanted to do away with the serving of patisseries in a tier tray as is the usual custom because he wanted the vibe to be more laid back and chill which I think suits Mirians as a whole. I feel like the presentation for the tea set also suits the whole new age minimalism trend that has been going around lately

2018-01-25 08-469927998..jpg

So, the picture above is the complete set for the Afternoon/High Tea where the drinks can be chosen to be either coffee or tea and you get all this for just RM 25 nett.


That is quite affordable if you ask me, you can even go Dutch in payment if you want to and thus this where I leave you with this post.

Hope you enjoyed it and do drop by to my fellow bloggers reviews to check their perspective out.

Ladybird Eileen & Judith

And here ya go a group picture of my fellow bloggers and I as well as BBCo. staff


Picture taken from Judith’s blog… Thanks Judith! 😀

Ezza’s Fitness Sundates

Okay I am a bit late in posting this but hey I was busy. So far last weeks fitness was better in comparison to Week 2 where I did absolutely nothing. This week I went for a jog I think 3-4 times a week and did two strength training’s.

I can see that my jogging is getting better, I am not getting as much cramps or leg pain as much anymore now and yesterday went and did some strength training at the gym and today I am crazy sore but it feels good because I havent felt this sore in months.

Oh before I forget my office has this biggest loser challenge where obviously the person who loses the most wins prizes and who knew that all it took for me to be strict with my diet was just to tap into my competitive side because I want to win damn it!

The prizes range from ipad, fitbit, sports vouchers and others but I have my eyes set on the first two which is fitbit or the ipad and I WILL WIN. I say this because I am currently 93 kg so there probability that I lose a lot and easily is definitely there.

On Saturday I was invited to review a Hi-Tea event at Marriott Hotel so I will probably post that review on Wednesday since its my random blog post day anyway.

Still haven’t reviewed any books yet because I only finished one book in this month. Just one. I have just been so busy and when I do have time to read its just a page or two before I fall asleep.

And that is it for my fitness Sundates, will try to improve and complete my 30 km run this week and just be consistent and keep my diet in check.

The Viscount Who Loved Me…. A Review


Title: The Viscount Who Loved Me

Author: Julia Quinn

Published: 27 June 2006

Publisher: Avon

Source: Library

Rating: 4/5

Goodreads summary

1814 promises to be another eventful season, but not, this author believes, for Anthony Bridgerton, London’s most elusive bachelor, who has shown no indication that he plans to marry.
And in truth, why should he? When it comes to playing the consummate rake, nobody does it better…
—Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, 
April 1814

But this time, the gossip columnists have it wrong. Anthony Bridgerton hasn’t just decided to marry—he’s even chosen a wife! The only obstacle is his intended’s older sister, Kate Sheffield—the most meddlesome woman ever to grace a London ballroom. The spirited schemer is driving Anthony mad with her determination to stop the betrothal, but when he closes his eyes at night, Kate is the woman haunting his increasingly erotic dreams…

Contrary to popular belief, Kate is quite sure that reformed rakes do not make the best husbands—and Anthony Bridgerton is the most wicked rogue of them all. Kate is determined to protect her sister—but she fears her own heart is vulnerable. And when Anthony’s lips touch hers, she’s suddenly afraid she might not be able to resist the reprehensible rake herself…


I am running out of books to review whilst I am slowly…. SLOWLY… getting out of my reading slump. This reading slump is not budging even with historical romance thus why I am only now putting out my review of this book of which I had read 4-5 months ago.

I read another book by Julia Quinn not knowing she is a famous historical romance author, loved that book and got myself into a Julia Quinn phase. Anyways, I loved this book. The main reason why I really enjoyed this book was how unexpectedly funny the relationship between Kate and Anthony was.

They were so mean to each other, it was just hilarious! It was the type of relationship that started out as annoyance and hate but because of that you start to see the sparks just fly and slowly they fall in love kind of thing.

Anthony wanted to court Kate’s sister and Kate knew Anthony was a playboy and didn’t want that type of guy for her sister and went out of her way to stop them from being together and whatnot. Anthony knew this and went out his way to taunt, tease, prank and be mean spirited to Kate. It was just sublime. They didn’t do anything malicious or anything, mind you.

There was this instance where Kate was feeling stuffy or somewhat during a party and went to this library not knowing its Anthony’s study, and a few moments later Anthony went in and was about to a good tumble in the hay with his ex-mistress when he went to his desk and looked down to only see Kate hiding under the table and Kate being Kate did something to him that made him step on her hand or something. They were just absolutely spiteful to each other.

But my favorite part was where they were about to play this game and Anthony volunteered to go get Kate’s sister Edwina from the house and Kate didn’t have a choice but to not intervene and Anthony purposefully came back late knowing it would annoy Kate and it did, she was fretting the whole time thinking of what Anthony was doing to her sister.

So, with them being mean to each other you can see their relationship just blossom and I loved how they both were confused as to what they were feeling because they didn’t know what it meant. Was it hate? Was it love? What is going on?

Other parts of the book followed the usual template for historical romance but the start of the relationship between Anthony and Kate was what made the book superb in my mind.

Writing this review is really making me want to read Julia Quinn’s books again, has my reading slump been cured?

Man, this review is all over the place but I swear whenever I recall this book that is what stand out to me the relationship of Kate and Anthony and their antagonism towards each other.

Image result for quietly laughing gif

Ezza’s Random Wednesdays

For todays topic I thought of talking about the Sarawakian style of gardening. At least my version of gardening. This version of gardening doesn’t need a lot of tools. You just need one tool and everything else is optional… even shoes (I am legit not kidding).

Said tool that you need is….


Image result for MACHETE

or if you are a beginner like me and don’t want your finger to be accidentally chopped off then what you need is…


Image result for sabit

Thus, once you have your tool sharpened and ready what you need to do next is legit RAMBOOOOO IT OUT! RAMBO IT ALL OUT AGAINST THOSE SO-CALLED MOFO GRASS!!!!

Image result for rambo going crazy gif

Don’t hold back I tell you, just go absolutely manic with it!

Image result for rambo shooting machine gun gif

Now, the reason why I choose a sickle over a machete is due to:

  1. More control
  2. It’s just easier
  3. I almost chopped my finger off with a machete so will not repeat that process again thank you very much
Image result for yeah no thanks gif

Yeah hahha nope not again

You might think I am completely overreacting with said gardening. No, my dear readers I wish I was. The grass behind my house is literally 3/4 of my height and I am 158 cm!!!! Okay so the picture below is the main grass behind my house which is called lalang in malay and when I google translate it it becomes thatch so take what you will.

Image result for lalang

Just imagine all these lalang/grass all over my backyard and don’t get me started on the smaller grass which have hooks on them. JESUS CHRIST THOSE ARE THE WORST.

The name of said god awful weed is I kid you not “Shameplant” which I is presumably from its malay counterpart, pokok semalu. Yeah weed you better be ASHAMED OF YO SELF! Creating nothing but effin havoc!

Image result for pokok semalu

If you think I am done dear readers, no… no I am not done. I was just warming up. Aside from battling those god forsaken weeds you also must combat….


Related image

Fire ants!

Image result for red ants


Image result for small centipede

Also if you have Banana trees in your backyard you will also occasionally encounter


Image result for snakes python

You are considered lucky if its a python my backyard once became a habitat for Cobras

If you have trees then you again have an addition of handling


Image result for wasps

Essentially when you attempt or do Sarawakian gardening, it is just you against the forest. What you want to achieve is not really gardening but more of a preventative measure of avoiding your backyard turning to the Amazon forests.

But with dedication and consistency your backyard can be conquered! Also know your limits, if you soooo cannot handle anything else except grass. Please call a professional which in this case is MY MOM!

Image result for MY MOM GIF

And with that folks is my version of gardening. 🙂


It Should Have Been Me… Review


Title: It Should Have Been Me

Author: Phillipa Ashley

Source: Public Library

Rating: 3/5

Goodreads summary

‘This wonderfully romantic and funny novel manages to fulfill all the best fantasies, including a gorgeous, humanitarian hero and a camper van!’ Katie Fforde

When Carrie’s fiancee’ Huw suddenly calls off their wedding, and she finds out he’s marrying another woman, she’s devastated. Desperate to get away, Carrie jumps at her best friend Rowena’s suggestion of a road trip in her VW camper van. But when Rowena has to pull out and Matt Landor, an old friend of Huw’s, ends up filling the breach, she’s not so sure. Will fate take the pair on an altogether different journey?


I chose this book because I just wanted something light to read and doesn’t have a lot of page count to rev me up from my reading slump so I didn’t have much expectations for this book and it was good actually because it allowed me to just enjoy the book. Surprisingly I really did enjoy the book, I couldn’t put it down but now thinking in retrospect I am not too sure why I initially thought the book was great (think: 4-5 stars great) in the first place.

The book was very predictable and was filled with a lot of romance tropes but then again it is from Little Black Dress publishing company so I am not surprised. I couldn’t relate to the main characters because whilst I was reading it at the back of my mind I am thinking like ‘wow they sure sleep around a lot… is this normal for Brits?’.

Honestly, I do not have any idea how to write my review because all I feel was that it was an enjoyable book and that is it. I didn’t relate to the main characters, some plot points which were supposed to make me empathize to them just made me feel like they were an over dramatic child or on the flip side not dramatic enough, it was full of the usual romance tropes so I already knew the ending from a mile away but I knew this anyway.

The one thing that did stand out for me for which I did like was how Carrie took a year off before getting together with Matt this is because I am a firm believer of that after a break-up you should under any circumstances have some time for yourself before you get into any type of relationship be it man or woman to really figure out what you want from life. So, when she eventually did become an item with Matt we all know this is what she truly wants and she isn’t doing this because she is lonely or is hurting or whatever (I don’t know man I have been out of this dating game for close to 7 years now).

And thus that is my review in a nutshell.

Ezza’s Favorite Podcasts

Hello, hello… I have never listened to podcasts before because I didn’t know where to find them and neither did I have sufficient internet to do so but recently I was introduced to the podcast section in Spotify (didn’t even realized it existed till now to be honest) by my best friend who recommended to me that I listen to a podcast called ‘Serial Killers’ since she knew I had had this fascination bordering on obsession with serial killers of any kind.

And with that my love for podcasts was born so this post is just to share with you my current podcasts that I find interesting and fun to listen to and why I like it. Enjoy!

Image result for serial killers podcast

  1. Serial Killers by Parcast

This was the first ever podcast I listened to and I really enjoy listening to them because they give you the facts of the murder, explain how it was done, who did it, what happened, pretty much everything you would want to as well as discuss on the psychological aspect of it.

There are a few things that I do not enjoy as much such as the advertisements and the repetition of a few key notes such as explaining what is pyschopathy and what are the criteria for having pyschopathy but they are integral for the continuity of the podcast as well as for new listeners (why anybody would start from recent episodes and backwards is beyond me but you do you I suppose).

Image result for casefile true crime

2. Casefile True Crime by Casefile True Crime Podcast

This podcast isn’t specific to just serial killers, like its title the podcast discusses an array of true crimes which range from serial killings, mass murder to public bombings. Also, the podcast mostly focuses on Australian crimes but it occasionally also discusses crimes done in America and such.

I like this one because they tell me things matter of factly, they don’t put their own opinions on it because I like listening to crime or murder podcasts where it is not influenced by anybody or anything and once I know the murder I like to do my own research and see where I stand on it. I do have problems in listening to some of the audio where it is from interviews and such but again it is not a deal breaker as I understand sometimes they just come in shitty quality and the content creators can only do so much.

Image result for hollywood and crime podcast wondery picture

3. Hollywood & Crime by Wondery

This one is on the list because I really enjoy how the actors role play and you can hear the accents and the music that they play it is like listening to the old radio shows but what I dislike of this podcast and it isn’t even about the podcast itself but that the mystery is never solved. So I am left with the burning desire to know whodunit. I NEED TO KNOW WHO SAWED THE BLACK DAHLIA IN HALF DAMN IT!

Last but not least is the podcast

Image result for small town murder

4. Small town murder by True Crime Comedy Team

I like this podcast because it is so stupid and funny. It is pretty much these two comedians making fun of the perpetrator and the small towns of which the murders occurred. Also, it is a fun way for my brain to relax from all the seriousness in the other podcasts.

On another note, I have been thinking, I like listening to podcasts especially ones discussing about murders and shit so why don’t I myself create a podcast too. I know what topic I want to discuss, I know how I want to discuss it all I need now is just the equipment and practice. What do you guys think? Should I start a podcast?

Ezza’s Fitness Sundates

Hello my fellow readers. This is a new series of posts for me where I update as you can guess from the title my fitness updates (Sunday + Updates = Sundates… geddit?).

This week I went for a walk/jog about three times which is not bad I guess, I could have done better but hey whats done is done. The whole going for a morning run is not doing for me. I cannot for the life of me wake up at the crack of dawn then jog only to rush to get ready for work. My body is just not prepped for that amount of motivation to workout.

I am doing the whole slow jog I saw on Facebook and it seems to suit me, I am not out of breath, my knees don’t hurt and things have been going pretty okay lately that there is nothing much to discuss.

Whenever I am not able to go for a walk/jog, I just either take it as a rest day or do Sarawakian style gardening of which now I think about it I should do a blog post on it.

So far that is it for this update really. By the way if you have any tips for me in terms of jogging/running where my calves are not sore during a jog can you share with me because sometimes my calf just get so sore mid-jog that I have to stop and it isn’t lactic acid or anything because it only occurs on one leg.


A Devil in Scotland… A Review



Title: A Devil in Scotland (No Ordinary Hero #3)

Author: Suzanne Enoch

Published: 30 January 2018

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 2/5

Goodreads summary

The dawning of desire…

1806, Scotland: Wild, reckless Callum MacCreath is in no hurry to become someone’s husband. But when his responsible, steady older brother Ian announces his engagement to their childhood friend Rebecca, Callum makes a startling discovery: he wants the lovely young lass for himself. But it’s too late, and when Ian banishes him for his duplicity, he’s only too happy to leave Scotland forever…

…is delicious and dangerous.

1816: Marrying Ian was the practical, logical thing for Becca to do. But once Callum sailed away to America, she missed his rakish charm and lust for life. Now, ten years later, Becca is a widow when a much-changed Callum returns to his Scottish homeland. Will he remember their spirited, fiery connection, or does he blame her for his brother’s unexpected death? This time neither of them can deny their scorching attraction, but will their hearts be burned in the blazing heat of scandal?


Man I think I went full force in my emotions in reviewing the last book that by the time I finished this book I just didn’t have enough energy to muster the same amount of GUNG-HO energy of dislike I had anymore. I felt mentally and emotionally drained. Why does this sound like a failed relationship?

So, anyways. I am not too sure why this book just didn’t do it for me. It ticked all the right boxes.

  1. Misunderstood brooding machismo hero
  2. Beautiful kind hearted with tragic life heroine
  3. Decent plot
  4. Decent character growth

Then why?

I think the main reason why even though it did tick all the right boxes that under the right circumstances or plot narration I would love, here in this book I couldn’t relate to the main characters. I felt nothing for them… absolutamente nada (I am in my Spanish phase after watching Coco, just roll with it).

For example; the antagonist of the plot, a man called Dunncraigh. Callum  hates this mans guts and is absolutely convinced that it is he who murdered his brother Ian.

Image result for your murderer funny gif

That’s all good and all but I am here like quien en el nombre del dulce bebé Jesús (WHO IN THE NAME OF SWEET BABY JESUS) is DUNNCRAIGH????? Why is he so hated by Callum? What did he do? Who did he do? Que esta pasando????

Image result for what did you do gif

So when Callum is on a Dunncraigh witchhunt, I honest to God don’t understand the hatred. The book did not do a good job in explaining who is this Dunncraigh character and why I should dislike him. Just didn’t get it to be honest.

Then there is the romance between the main characters itself. It felt fake to me. Again the problem of me not relating to them came up . Callum and Rebecca said they were childhood friends and loved each other but there is no exposition of a walk through memory lane for me to fully immerse myself in their chemistry.

Rebecca says that she LOVES Callum due to his adventurous nature and she had sooooo much fun with him (ugh b*tch whatever) when she was younger but she chose Ian (the brother) over him because of stability, like I get that, a woman has got to do what she has got to do back in the day but again I just couldn’t understand why she was so in love back then and in the present. It was again not explained well to me you know? I was just supposed to fill in the blanks with this romance on why they felt that way for each other. I mean I have read the book and Callum. Well, I really do not like him.

He is brash, conceited, ill-mannered, rude and completely non-understanding at all. He thinks that by Rebecca choosing Ian over him it was a betrayal like what the actual f**k bro. I don’t blame her for choosing the responsible brother because damn ten years ago Callum didn’t even bat an eye to or for Rebecca and was out busy whoring himself in town. He ASSUMED that he and Rebecca would be together because duh they suit each other. I swear when I read that and mind you it was in the very first few pages of the book my eyes rolled so far into the back of my head I was surprised it didn’t get permanently stuck. Like you think you just because you are handsome that you can get any woman you want without putting an ounce of effort???

Image result for so anyways gif

Then he went and cursed his own brother out, the same brother who has been financially providing for him then gets all shocked when the brother has had enough and cuts him off and throws him out of the house and fast forward ten years again gets all shook because his brother is dead and he wasn’t there to save his brother and I am here like well you should have read all the letters your brother tried to send you but of which you burnt because they were dead to you. So, don’t come back to Scotland all high and mighty when you couldn’t have cared less in the past ten years you little piece of shit. Seriously, Callum went and said to Rebecca that if she wanted to know the feel of a real man she knows whom to go for and if I were Ian I would do more than punch that punk and cut him off. I’d skin him alive that’s what. The lack of decency I swear. I don’t get why Rebecca was sooooo hung up on him, if it was just for a good roll around the hay then fine but as a partner? A spouse? Really? REALLY? That punk ass b*tch is the guy you want?

Image result for i just can't deal gif

So, yeah these are my thoughts. They are all over the place but just know that I just couldn’t deal with it.

*The book was provided by the publishers via Netgalley in return for an honest review

Ezza’s 2017 wrap up

Well 2017 has come and gone by pretty fast in my opinion and with it let us recap my 2017 and see how I can improve and make 2018 BETTER!

So at the start of 2017 I was really pumped for completely annihilating my 2016 Goodreads reading challenge. I set myself up to read 120 books in a year thinking that I too am a reader and if other people can read hundreds of books a year then so can I.

Image result for maniacal laugh

Now, let us all laugh together in looking back and seeing the burst of optimism that 2017 Ezza had because let’s be real there was no way in hell I could have read 120 books whilst juggling: a) a full time job, b) family issues, c) changing jobs/interviews and such, d) EFFIN READING SLUMPS FROM HELL (!!!!!!).

I could barely reach 60 with my reading and all that is with short stories, short novels, AND audiobooks. So, you can imagine 2017 reading wise was a shit year for me. Actually just make it an overall shit year not just reading wise. I mean I:

  1. Didn’t lose any weight
  2. DID NOT RUN  a marathon
  3. DID NOT EVEN TRAIN for a marathon
  4. Got fired from my tuition job (both of them mind you)
  5. Got the job I interviewed for but it was definitely not what I expected it to be and was miserable for the whole 2 months I have been working there
  6. Did not manage to make my Netgalley TBR list down to half of what it is
  7. Did not save any money for my savings

Butttt there were some good times in 2017 with my friends and heck I with my new pay managed to buy 4 new shoes and for a shoe person thats pretty cool PLUS I just bought new Nike running shoes. So, yeah.

Now, to rectify all of this unachieved goals, I have seen that my biggest problem is discipline. Not dedication nor motivation but honest to God DISCIPLINE! Because honestly with every new actor I am currently obsessed with my motivation just grows stronger because in my loony mind we can actually be together because I truly believe if God says yes THEN EVERYTHING BE DAMNED BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE CAN SAY NO!

Image result for ADAM DRIVER

Am in my Adam Driver phase just so you know. I know he married but a girl can appreciate God’s fiiiinnne… fine work. 😉

Thus, I have decided to dial down my motivation and obsessive energy to bite sized chunks. For example, with the 2018 reading challenge I will now choose something I know I can finish maybe just choose one that just says hey you can read 10-25 books and you are done type of thing and so once I am done with that challenge I can choose another reading challenge instead of going all ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY BOOKS HERE I COME.

With my fitness on the other hand, I was thinking that for January I just focus on running. Just one thing. I will do some strength training to supplement my running muscles but my focus will solely be on running. Also, as a back up plan aside from buying new running shoes I have entered myself into a virtual run called the Doodle Run organised by Another Running Club where all I have to do is run 30 km in a month and send them the results to get my medal and a T-shirt.

I even planned an over-arching 2018 project which consists of smaller projects but essentially the project is GET EZZA A MAN FOR 2018.

Image result for i need a man gif

Work wise its a bit ambiguous because my contract was extended but only for 3 months so after that I am not sure whether I would be extended again and with that the initial plan is this, I will just send out resumes and stuff to companies just as a back up just in case my contract is not extended it would suck balls though if I have to go back to a salary smaller than what I make now. Soooooooo, my supplementary plan to that is to legit take in any information any knowledge I can from my work place now so when I apply at another company I can regurgitate whatever I have learned so it wouldn’t look so much like I am just some idiot. Also, I will say hi and whatnot to LEGIT everybody at the office and wear make up and look glam all day everyday.

Pretty much that is my plan for 2018 and I will post updates occasionally just to keep all ya’ll updated on my progress. I am planning to do an Ezza’s Fitness Sundates on Sundays just to keep track of my progress for myself and also to be accountable really. Oh! Oh! I forgot the bikini body losing weight thing is also for my vacation with my cousins in April, I am not too sure if posted this yet. So yeah wish me luck and this year I can do it because I am 25 this year and this will be the year I get my shit together for once.