Ezza’s Bikini Body

Huh! I wish I had the bikini body. I WISH! But today’s post is where I am going to talk about my hypothetical bikini body which I will get by next year and what I will do if I don’t.

Right, I want to make this a weekly post just as an update on how I have been doing this past week to keep myself accountable. I could make another blog but I wouldn’t have the audience I have right now and how can you be accountable when nobody is reading/looking.

I am achieving this bikini body because next year around April-ish, my cousins and I are planning to go on a vacation. A very simple one, just me and the girls going to West Malaysian beaches and shopping and whatnot but it is our first vacation together and it is definitely my first vacation since forever.

I wanted to go on this vacation and feel great about myself and not worry about my muffin top. I want to go to the beaches and just enjoy myself with me obviously wearing a bikini and if I don’t get the bikini body and I still have muffin tops and love handles it is okay. I’ll still wear a bikini because let’s be real I ain’t wearing no bikini in Miri.

This post like I said just now is to keep myself accountable because I have tried okay the whole social media thing but it didn’t work. I tried twitter, instagram, tumblr, blog, the whole shebang so I thought why don’t I write my bikini journey in this blog because this blog is only 70% books and 30% random-ness anyway.

So, far I have been doing well with exercise and diet these past two weeks and this week (my 2nd week btw) I am doing the whole intermittent fasting because I cannot control my diet for long so why not instead of eating throughout the day I condense all my meals into a small itty bitty window. There is only so much food I can condense within a 5 hour window before I sleep.

On a side note I am really contemplating whether to buy protein powder or not. Should I? Is the power of the bikini strong enough for me to actually continue and see this transformation through so said purchase would be worth it? Dilemma… dilemma.


  1. Good luck, though I do agree that dieting is only ever a short-term measure. That said, it might get you a bit of time in order to make those changes – sort out what you eat and when and increase your exercise so that those lbs don’t roll back on as soon as you stop dieting.

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    1. Yeah i agree with u my biggest problem is that i am such an enabler and i feel that i deserve tht food working hard and all tht the short tern fasting diet is just a way to control myself hahaahha and yes i wear black all the time πŸ˜›

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