The Scot Beds His Wife….FINALLY… a review



Title: The Scot Beds His Wife

Author: Kerrigan Byrne

Published: 3 October 2017

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 5/5

Gavin St. James, Earl of Thorne, is a notorious Highlander and an unrelenting Lothario who uses his slightly menacing charm to get what he wants—including too many women married to other men. But now, Gavin wants to put his shady past behind him…more or less. When a fiery lass who is the heiress to the land he wishes to possess drops into his lap, he sees a perfectly delicious opportunity…

A marriage most convenient

Samantha Masters has come back to Scotland, in a pair of trousers, and with a whole world of dangerous secrets from her time spent in the Wild West trailing behind her. Her only hope of protection is to marry—and to do so quickly. Gavin is only too willing to provide that service for someone he finds so disturbingly irresistible. But even as danger approaches, what begins as a scandalous proposition slowly turns into an all-consuming passion. And Gavin discovers that he will do whatever is necessary to keep the woman he has claimed as his own…


Hello hello! Long time no read! Now this review was supposed to be up last month and for a blog tour but due to family matters and the absence of free time to work on it I will only post it now since I just finished writing it 10 minutes ago.

Now the booked hooked me in real slow because I just can’t imagine Samantha Masters being a historical romance heroine you know? She wasn’t exactly pretty and she is just a HUGE ball of spitfire and the sass contained in that petite body of hers can almost put Queen Bey to shame, I say almost because come on she is Beyonce, ain’t nobody can tear the Queen down from her throne!

Another thing I liked about Sam was that she was very trigger happy and when I mean very I do mean ‘VERY’ and because of that you can’t help but like her. It is not everyday you find a heroine willing to shoot just an inch off the hero’s face and she practically wants to shoot Gavin (the hero) every time he comes over to try and woo her. This ties in to its comedic timing because here is Sam DETERMINED not to be wooed over by a man who is practically sex-on-legs and there is Gavin also equally determined to seduce her. The woman is shooting at him left right and center and still he won’t give up so I don’t blame her for falling for him, she gave her absolute best in trying to shoo him away.

Before you guys think this book is all rape-y, it’s not. They fall for each other for reals and there was no rape-ish scenes happening so nothing to worry about on that front. They got together at first due to pragmatism and this reminds me of one instance in the book that just made me laugh. Sam wants to contend with Gavin over ownership of her land and to do that she must go to the local magistrate and after a whole tirade at Gavin on how she will file a report of his vocal abuse  to the magistrate, imagine her surprise when she finds out that the magistrate is none other than Gavin himself (okay if it isn’t the magistrate do forgive me the details get fuzzy after awhile so I don’t remember it).

As for all books I always root for the characters happiness because duh but for this book I REALLY ROOTED FOR SAMS HAPPINESS! The woman needs to catch a break which is also another reason why I really liked Sam. Gavin wasn’t the first man she loved and with him she found true happiness albeit through a very rocky start upon even rockier foundations but whatever main point is that she found stability and love that she sought in this sex-on-legs man. The plot of the book just allows you to really empathize with Sam who in all honesty was just swept off her feet in a thing called life and her pain over her first love was so real I really felt for her.

The book also has great subplots with its side characters what with Eammon (Callum’s father) and Eleanor (Gavin’s mother), Callum and the two dudes whose names I forgot. I am especially excited for Callum’s story because I am pretty sure the next book will be his and his subplot in this book is enticing enough without giving much away that I am just dying to get my hands on the next one.

I hope the publishers approve me though even though I did miss the book tour, I mean come on! I had to help my sister in law post breast cancer surgery so obviously my book blog which I do for fun will take a back seat indefinitely. I hope they understand.

In retrospect, I am quite positive I loved this book because of Sam. Her will to survive and be independent, her resourcefulness, her wit, her sass and also her vulnerability, it just shows how a real woman can be multi faceted and yeah Gavin is okay I guess but pssshhh he ain’t the only sex-on-legs I have read about.

On a complete off tangent side note, I didn’t know there was a Netgalley for the UK and the commonwealth nations (?) ????? Like whuttt???


  1. An entertaining review which I really enjoyed reading:). Sam sounds like an intriguing heroine. And yes – Netgalley having a UK equivalent is a great move. I used to get really fed up at requesting books only to discover that they were only available to reviewers in the US!

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    1. right? its so annoying. when i read it was the UK and the commonwealth I was like wait a minute my country is one of the commonwealth countries! Sometimes I feel like there is just way too many books for me to read and so little time hahahah

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