The Slump-pitty-slump

I am in a blog slump and I am in too deep. Way too deep. It started off with me being busy helping my sister in law after her surgery to remove her breast cancer then I had to clear my stuff at my previous workplace because I am moving to a new job then the hand over then I just did not feel like blogging. So I didn’t and I am glad I am not the type that stresses out over my blog.

I will write something if I feel like it or if I already have something scheduled but I am definitely not going to force myself. I will probably start again next week since I have the weekend to bulk write my posts.

How is my life at the new workplace? Surprisingly great. My new coworkers are really nice, a bit too nice and empathetic if you ask me. This is because I am generally a sleepy person. I can sleep 12 hours the day before and still be sleepy the next day. I just love to sleep and at my old workplace I can sleep anywhere I wanted during lunch hour and nobody will question it they’ll just leave me alone but here they think I am stressed because of work or something and they’ll ask so many questions like is the work okay? can you handle it? is everything okay? and a word in Malay that represents how it feels is rimas. Aku rimas! Rimas kind of means uncomfortable. Kind of. So now I take my naps in the toilet to avoid questions and thus my coworkers now think I am constantly constipated.

I read Carrie and currently am reading The Shining but for some reason with The Shining I am not reading as fast as I could probably because I keep comparing it to the movie. Oh I forgot to say I must be the biggest fan of the movie without actually watching it. I have watched so many youtube videos dissecting and discussing the movie from so many perspectives that it feels like I have watched it.

So far that is all the update I got. I am just writing this post just to warm up the blogging gears in my body. hahahha.


  1. I’m glad you are not stressing over your lack of inclination to blog. Your work colleagues sound delightful. Needing so much sleep sounds a bit unusual – I used to need at least 12 hours and now can happily manage on somewhere between 5 and 6. The difference is a LOT less sugar in my diet and the discovery that dairy products don’t agree with me. While you may well not be dairy intolerant, there might be something that is slowing you up and if you have a sweet tooth, sugar really hoovers up your energy.

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