Hated yet not forgotten


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this weeks topic is a throwback freebie and I choose the topic “Hated Yet Not Forgotten” meaning I will talk about a few books I hated or thought sucked big time yet the idea/concept of the book never left my mind. Let’s get started!

There’s only two books I will list in this weeks Top Ten Tuesday and the first one is “Alchemist” by Peter James and the second is “From a Buick 8‘ by Stephen King.


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Okay, because I didn’t post any of my thoughts on”Alchemist”, I gotta do a backstory for the book. I pretty much hated the book because at the back it says “one woman’s fight against the world’s most evil company”, don’t believe me? Here is the link but here’s the thing I read every page of that book and let me tell you it was not “one woman’s fight etc etc…” it was more like one man’s fight. Her boyfriend did all the hard work; the research, the espionage, the intelligence, the footwork yet she did nothing except freak out being Image result for sokka frustrated gifall damsel in distress and took God damned forever to convince there was a conspiracy going on. I seriously do not like it when the synopsis DOES NOT MATCH WITH THE PLOT! It was made worse because I ACTUALLY BOUGHT THE BOOK! I didn’t get it from Netgalley at all. Ugh.

But even after all the hate and the saltiness there was one thing regarding the book that my mind just would not let go and it has been 3 years. The book talks about a conspiracy done by a pharmaceutical company that does illegal human testing by inserting some form of DNA or virus in its pharmaceutical products and keeping track of whoever buys it very ala the Medici family of handling their servants. The whole give them poison and the cure but mess up the time tables so the servants won’t know if they have taken the poison or the antidote so they cannot leave the Medici’s if they value their lives enough.

This made me think about our current situation. We eat pills for everything these days from curing the common cold to curing cancer. We just trust our pharmacists, our doctors, nurses and the like because we believe they do not have the motivation nor the agenda to lie thus making me reflect that do we really even know what we are eating? Do we even understand the labels on all the pills because I definitely don’t. I am not saying that we all should be conspiracy kooks but think about it what if there really is a conspiracy to try out new drugs be it for good or bad and human testing was done to speed up the process. People with money do hold a lot of power and power over the masses is pretty alluring. This is just food for thought though because I am still pro-vaccines!

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Now, for From a Buick 8 by Stephen King I already did a review and from the review itself I already talked about the indecision of whether should I give the book a 2 or 5 rating and now its been a few years (is it? I’m not too sure) but anyways yeah it’s been awhile and my indecision has stayed the same.

On one hand the book bored the hell out of me. It was very repetitive and I kept on waiting and waiting for anything new and exciting to happen and still nothing did but then a thought occurred to me. What if this was Stephen King’s purpose? If I am not mistaken he wrote it in the first few chapters how anything no matter how spectacular and amazing occurs on a regular basis will eventually become the new normal and we the humans will be bored of it and thus need to find newer ‘amazing’ things. The book made me feel like I was one of the characters in the plot itself, how I too got bored of this so-called amazing alien car and waited and was disappointed when nothing happened. My brain drudged along to read all the pages of the book knowing it was all going to be a slow repetition of the last one just like the characters moved on with their daily lives and did not give a second thought to this mysterious car and when it did spurt an anomaly the characters just brushed it aside claiming it was ‘normal’ for the car to be that way.

I was both traumatized yet amazed at and with Stephen King’s writing. Traumatized because the book was so boring and dull yet amazed because even with disliking it and acknowledging I have read better books; Image result for sokka amazed gifThe idea of the plot, the writing, the conceptualization of it NEVER LEFT MY MIND! Does this mean that the book was good after all? I mean if you keep thinking about the book years after you read it then it must mean that the book at it’s core is a good book.

From a Buick 8 was my intro to Stephen King’s world and I want to read more yet am also afraid because let’s be honest his work isn’t clear cut. With his works there is no definitive clear answer. It’s a treasure trove for a theory nut! From Carrie, Misery, IT to The Shining. Good or bad his work, his idea rarely escapes the mind. This makes me really keen to take on his older books and my favorite book to movie adaptation from Stephen King’s works is Carrie and Misery. I just really liked how Carrie just got her powers. There was no explanation. She just got em and went crazy and with Misery, well I liked it because I was in full suspense on whether Paul will ever escape from that kook, Annie Wilkes.




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