Review: Final Girls by Riley Sager


Title: Final Girls

Author: Riley Sager

Published: 11 July 2017

Publisher: Dutton

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3/5


Why hello book geeks. I have again come and go and come again! Life has been so hectic what with Eid celebration and what not I just felt that maintaining a blog in that span of time took too much effort but I am back again to share my thoughts on Final Girls.

Now, I requested Final Girls on Netgalley way before it was even hyped up (low key pleased with myself that I was the few people who got on the bandwagon first) but I didn’t start reading it until it was hyped up and so following the hype I set my expectations for this book pretty high and at the end I was somewhat disappointed.

Final Girls has this slasher-thriller-B-rated-final-girl-movie feel that I liked because you don’t know what to expect. You anticipate there is a plot twist at the end because all final girls movies have those WTF type plot twist where it was your new best friend who is the true killer and not the person you suspected all along. Aside from that I liked the whole red herring tactic that the author used which to be honest completely threw me off and made me completely wrong in who I suspected as the killer. Also, the character development for the main character Quinn was great to see that she finally (jeez took her long enough) made peace with her past and fully realize that she will never be normal and that’s okay.


There is a but…

The but is that all the reasons why I liked the book is also the basis for why I disliked the book…

For one, the plot twist came out of freaking nowhere. There was no clue, no buildup to indicate that said character was the perpetrator. I respect the plot twist, I mean it was good but it could have been better had there been some indication towards said character which brings me to…

The characters being very 1 dimensional. Honestly, I don’t even know what is the purpose of Jeff (Quinn’s boyfriend) being in this book. He could have been a decorative lamp named Jeff and I probably wouldn’t have noticed. We don’t know anything about him; his likes, dislikes, his emotions about Quinn and her deteriorating mental state. I mean if Jeff isn’t going to be a huge contribution to the plot in any way why even create a ‘Jeff’ to exist? What is he… a filler character? I am confused with Jeff’s existence.

Next, is our main character Quinn. God damn this woman is an idiot.

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At first, I was sympathetic and cool and understanding to her plight. I mean she is only one of the three Final Girls and to know that the first died of suicide rattled her and then meeting Sam immediately when she was in a vulnerable state even I can understand why she would do that. Her defenses were low, her mind was frazzled and confused and she didn’t have anybody to talk to about it who would understand except to another Final Girl but going deeper and deeper into the plot it’s as if Quinn just did not have any willpower nor thought of her own.

This is because Quinn allowed herself to be manipulated into a corner whereby Sam will obviously then use it to her advantage against Quinn to make her remember what happened all those years ago at Pine Cottage. I mean I admit Sam is a pyscho and there was this instance where those two went to a park being all vigilante and shit ala Batman and beating up perverts but was it really necessary?

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Was it important for the progression of the plot? I have no idea man I was partly confused all the way reading this book.

The execution of the plot was pretty lacking here. I felt that the plot was REALLY convoluted, confusing and towards the end really, REALLY rushed (not sure if it was intentional if it was then okay I see the appeal).

Another aspect that I wanted to say was that the book felt very tedious to read because of all the reasons listed above. I mean I know that Quinn will be the last idiot that survives and it just made my soul tired to read till the end to know the ending and I was legit questioning will the ending be worth all this pain I must endure?

Also, what is up with Quinn and her choosing sleazy ass bitches as not just friends but BEST FRIENDS???!! Girl, your skills need to be honed in the art of choosing friends.

Anyhoots, overall this book even though with my essay of why I disliked it was not bad for a debut novel (apparently this is the authors first thriller so technically yes it is a debut novel). There were some aspects that could be improved but I will definitely read more from the author because the idea of this plot is interesting and I liked the campy slasher movie feel I got from this book.

*I was given a copy of the ebook from the publishers via Netgalley in return for an honest review

p/s: I saw some Goodreads people saying they knew who the killer was in the first chapter… HOW??? HOWWW??? I didn’t see it at all.

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Review: Stalker on The Fens by Joy Ellis

stalker on the fens



Title: Stalker on The Fens

Author: Joy Ellis

Published: 18 October 2016

Publisher: Joffe Books

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3/5


Goodreads blurb


DI Nikki Galena’s friend Helen Brook is involved in a serious accident where she is trapped in a collapsed cellar. After her hard-won recovery, Helen is still getting flashbacks to a man she says was down there with her and who confessed to a murder. But no trace of this man can be found.

Then Helen tells Nikki that someone is watching her. But is all this in her friend’s imagination and part of her post-traumatic stress?

And why is Stephen Cox back in town? He’s the villain who tore Nikki’s life apart and he seems to have returned for revenge.

Before long the whole town is on the verge of hysteria and her friend’s fear will lead Nikki and Joseph on a very dangerous trail.


And I am back again with another riveting (really?) review! Today, I’ll be talking about Stalker on The Fens by Joy Ellis. This isn’t the first book I read by her, I read another book in the same series but I can’t remember the name.

To be honest my feelings for this book was okay. Okay as in, it didn’t really hook me in and make me want to invest more than just my time with the characters and the blame doesn’t even go to book. I lack any interest in any of the characters because I don’t know their full background story for me to fully appreciate their quirks, strength and weaknesses and the blame for me not knowing their full background story is unfortunately Netgalley.

They post these books up on their website but they don’t tell you it’s a series and worse they don’t tell you which book it is WITHIN a series and for me who is the type of reader that requests books because they look fun to read AND DON’T do any type of cross-checking on Goodreads will end up being fucked because then you are left in this weird limbo of knowing just enough for your interest to be piqued but not nearly enough for you to be wholly invested in the books or the overall plot.

So, back to the review, this is why I cannot fully immerse myself in the story because there are some aspects of the plot within this book that I don’t know. For example, in this book Nikki has to take another cop in her team because of something I can’t recall and this dude, Eric, has attitude problems and in the team the person who absolutely cannot tolerate him is Cat (everybody else also hates him btw) and it happened because of a previous case they worked together for of which I obviously didn’t read about. This is not the only example too. There is another one, another cop in the book recently suffered from some personal issues where her fiancée went missing and again it was in the previous book OF WHICH I DID NOT READ. So, do you feel me when I say that I cannot fully immerse myself because of these small holes of knowledge that I do not possess.

That aside, I must say the book is still enjoyable to read as a stand-alone. The plot is independent enough that you don’t need to read any of the previous books but it definitely helps to make you feel more for the characters. Additional depth if you know what I mean because then you know how each character correlates to another and stuff like that.

Another issue that I have with this book that isn’t due to external factors is the ending. I felt it was a bit too rushed. I mean I was REALLY liking the gruesome scenes in the earlier parts of the book where Nikki’s friend was murdered and a mandala was carved INTO her flesh and stones were put within the folds of the carved skin and I was really amped up for the pay out to be PHENOMENAL but when I read the reveal I was disappointed. The reasoning behind the perpetrators actions felt a bit off and out of nowhere. Had the motive behind the murder been fleshed out more, the ending would have been even better and I definitely would have enjoyed the book more than I did.

*I received the book from the publishers via Netgalley in return for an honest review