Review: The Devil’s Bride by Penelope Stratten & Lucy Gordon


Title: The Devil’s Bride

Author: Penelope Stratton & Lucy Gordon

Published: 11 October 2016

Publisher: Endeavour Press

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Summary

Can the Devil ever be reformed…?

Calvina Bracewell, an orphaned parson’s daughter, lives a wretched life, taken in by a family who abuse her and use her family connections to their own ends.

But Calvina’s world is changed overnight when she marries a man who is wealthy and incredibly attractive. But is he also the devil?

Lord Rupert Glennister is both admired and feared. His uncanny ability with cards and his notorious success with women seem to hint at mysterious forces helping him.

Known as ‘Devil Glennister’, society has threatened to exclude him unless he can redeem himself by marrying a woman of virtue.

In Calvina Bracewell, the face of moral fortitude and all that is godly, the ‘Devil’ sees the perfect bride to save his reputation, and bring him back into the society which is beginning to exclude him due to his over-indulgences.

But Calvina has another love – the innocent Toby, her first love.

Yet this secret attachment is now made impossible by circumstance, but can Calvina forget Toby in favour of Rupert?

Is this sudden marriage simply one of convenience or will it develop into a match of passion?

With Rupert’s former lovers and exploits confronting her at every turn, how can she contemplate life as a respectable wife?

And more importantly, will Rupert draw Calvina deeper into darkness?

In a discovery of love, passion and jealously, Lucy Gordon brings Calvina into the hearts of her readers in a romance filled with suspense and mystery.

As her life takes a sinister turn, Calvina may have the riches and position of a Lady, but who is it that keeps making repeated attempts on her life?


I honestly don’t have strong feelings for this book. I enjoyed it yeah but it definitely did not blow my mind and I think this is due to a few reasons.

Reason 1: I honest to God thought this was going to be my usual type of historical romance where the sexy times is over the roof but alas it wasn’t but the optimistic side of me keeps waiting and hoping for it, that it would happen in the last 10% of the book, and when it never did happen I was left in this limbo of utter disappointment but not really but yes but no. The disappointment left me feeling confused.

Image result for confused disappointment gif

Reason 2: There wasn’t a lot of attention regarding the romance, I mean for a romance book isn’t that whats supposed to occur and be the main focus? The lead characters spend so much time apart than together I was starting to really doubt they were ever going to get a move on it. The author talked about other aspects of their life like the social events that Calvina goes to or other stuff but no Rupert in sight and I’m here on the edge of my seat going all…

Image result for what are you waiting for gif

But in the whole grand scheme of things, the book is an overall enjoyable book. Had I knew from the start that no sexy times was involved, I would have calibrated my expectations and thus probably like the book more instead of feeling this disappointment of waiting for said sexy time to happen and waiting and waiting and realizing at 98% of the book it would be too late for it to happen and leaving me confused as f**k. It was very vanilla you know, all the frisson, all the sexual tension and NO ACTION!!!!! But it’s cool, it’s cool still an enjoyable read.

*I received this book by the publishers via Netgalley in return for an honest review


  1. Which sounds far more my type of book – I’m all for lots of tension and no action:)). But it would be boring if we all liked the same sort of book, wouldn’t it? Thank you for a great review:)



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