WWW Wednesdays



WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words and you just answer three simple questions and BA-DA-BOOM! You are done.

So the three WWW’s are:

  • What are you currently reading
  • What did you recently finish
  • What do you think you’ll read next

Currently reading:

Yeah, still attempting to read Dorian Gray albeit unsuccessfully. It is not my fault that the book is tedious to read what with its intense and in depth prose. You really need a lot of focus to read it man.

Stalker on the Fens and The Captive Heart is my random Netgalley choices for this week and they seem like a very interesting read. One is detective-murder-mystery-ish whilst the other is romance with a hint of murder mystery at least according to my understanding of the blurb.

I will try my very best to finish these two first and Dorian, well with him I’ll see how it goes first.

Recently finished:


I had a good reading week with these two and gave them both a 5 rating. With Evidence of Love I loved how it delves into the lives of everybody that was even slightly connected to the gruesome murder of Betty Gore in the 1980’s whereas Finding Kate, I liked how it managed to change my mind about it the more I read it. I was out to hate this book and at the end I was impressed how it wasn’t how I initially thought it would be.

Reading next:


As you guys who have been reading my blog knows I really don’t like to set whatever I am reading next. I like to go with the flow but I really have to get on top of my Netgalley TBR list and thus I chose Geekerella and Above Suspicion. Why I chose these two was because there was a lot of hype surrounding Geekerella and I want to see is it worth it and also I think these two books complement each other. After reading some heavy material that is Above Suspicion (what with it being non-fiction) I can read Geekerella to take a chill pill.

Now if I manage to read all of this that means 6 down in my TBR list and another 76 more books to go. Huh. Why did I go overboard with Netgalley, all the articles I read said to control oneself. CONTROL ONESELF! and I have obviously gone and done the EXACT OPPOSITE.

Image result for WHY ME GIF

and I hopelessly failed this test 😥

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