Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this weeks topic is  “Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist” where it essentially is things you want to see more in books. Let’s get started!

  • Historical romance not set in England or during the regency (era?)
    • As much as I love HR, it would be refreshing to read about different cultures, different ethnicity and how their love lives are put in the perspective of historical romance
  • A book about best friends
    • I just want a book which has a good strong friendship as its core story and I don’t want it to be YA. I want to relate to it being a 24 year old with a best friend I have known for almost 11 years. More of a flashback of said friendship and the friends just reminisce about shit they did together.Image result for best friends gif
  • A compilation of unsolved murders or serial killings or just murders occurring in Malaysia
    • Just because… no particular reason for it.
  • The female lead needs no man
    • I want a female lead who isn’t constantly agonizing over which guy to choose (I don’t get that privilege so neither do I want them to have said privilege) and if she did have a love interest I want them to break up and she can be free to be her own woman.Image result for strong women gif
  • Less… WAYYYYY LESSSSSS love triangle/instalove/drama in YA
    • Maybe I am reading the wrong YA but mostly I hate love triangles like, where in the name of Jesus did you manage to find not one BUT TWO GUYS to like you at the same time???????? And what is with the instalove? Instalust I get and also the drama that unfolds in YA sometimes I find it so stupid and I just can’t relate (maybe this is what they call adulting?).Image result for that is so stupid gif
  • An against the norm female lead
    • I want a female lead who is an underdog and who DOESN’T have special powers or is superbly excellent in sword fighting or bad-ass-kickery where she doesn’t train for months and is still super fantastic at killing people. Can’t it just be she is super shitty at things and eventually she gets better, not excellent, just better and over time due to persistence and hard work and just sheer tenacity and force of will she wins and defeats her enemies. I want her to fail more than she wins but is still able to stand up and be all yes I am tired but I will not give up ala Rocky Balboa!Image result for rocky balboa gif
    • Maybe have a female lead that gives no fucks about body hair? Still wear sleeveless shirts or dresses even though her pits are now a nice furry meadow or maybe a lead that wears the hijab and abides by the islamic rules of conduct and is still bad ass? Or a woman/girl who is unashamed for her love for 90’s Bollywood movies and uses her power of Bollywood dancing to save the world?
  • Female villains
    • YES! More FEMALE VILLAINS who are just cray! They’re not doing evil things because of a traumatic past or whatever. They do it because they want to and its fun for them and they relish in inflicting pain on other people. If men can be awesome villains can’t a female too? I just want them to unabashedly bitchy, evil, sarcastic, unapologetic, the whole nine yards!Image result for evil laugh gif
  • A romance book where the romance doesn’t pan out but they stay good friends after a good mourning period.
    • Sometimes a relationship just doesn’t work and you just fall out of love with somebody, doesn’t mean you stop caring about them. Loving someone and being IN love with someone are two different things. Plus, a healthy perspective on a break up never hurt anybody.
  • More realistic books on bookish people.
    • Realistic here is when said bookworm meets another bookworm and they have the same reading taste and they just COMPLETELY FLIP OUT!

Image result for bookworms flipping out gif

  • A fiction book about the pains of changing your lifestyle to be healthier
    • I want a book that is similar to what I am experiencing now. The constant soreness from exercising, the guilt of eating junk food, the want to have a hot body but not really wanting to work for it.

Image result for i want a hot body but don't wanna work out gif

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