Ezza’s life updates

I am just writing this post so there’s somethin on my blog for Friday… teehee. Well, well, well another life update post. What is up with my life now? I would say nothing much has changed except now I am really into this fitness thing ever since I joined a gym. I have legit become a #gymgirl, who knew? Image result for gym girl meme

Having gym membership works wonders for me because I legit can go to the gym at 9.30 pm, workout for half an hour and bail plus when I am at the gym you get motivated and you’re in the zone when compared to working out at home where there are so many distractions such as house chores and making dinner and tv and whatnot. Like when I have to drive to the gym it already takes effort so I might as well show effort in working out too.

I checked my body fat percentage the other day and I am at 36.1% and my internal body age is 49, like whut girl???Image result for the shock face meme

So, I am superbly motivated to change said number to 34% within this month (next month? considering this is end of April).

Anyhoots, my fitness plan this time is again doing the BBG because this guide is a pain in the ass and I can never finish it… ever. So this time this will change. I will finish it and see this MOFO through, just to prove to myself that I of all people can do it and also, I am kind of starting my running journey because I wanna join a 10K run in July. Image result for fitness meme

Once, all of this is over, the BBG and the running thing, and my body is freakishly hot (at least in my mind it is) don’t be surprised if I start prancing naked around town (which is probably another reason God never gave me said hot body in the first place due to fear of me burning the eyes of innocent civilians with the show of my body). But, let’s be real you’d be prancing around naked too if you lost 20-30 kg and your body is toned AF.

Aside from the fitness thing, I have been in a reading/reviewing funk making me MIA for the past month to two months-ish from my blog. I still wrote reviews for the books that I have read, I just didn’t post it on my blog. Why, I didn’t post it? I have no idea, I just didn’t feel like it but finally I did post a new review which was up yesterday and it reminded me of why I like blogging.

A thought occurred to me should I start booktubing again to reach a wider audience and also just for the fun of it. My idea was since I am not good at doing reviews as a booktuber I will instead do a monthly book wrap up and finally admit and expose that I have an addiction to historical romance books. I mean booktubing sounds like a lot of fun and partly the reason why I stopped before was that I felt so stupid and my videos were boring to be honest and also lack of internet. But nothing is set in stone so this is just an idea for now but if i do start a booktube thing I will defo share the link here.

I think that is all the updates I have from my life for now.



Review (Blog Tour): Never Trust a Pirate (Playful Brides #7) by Valerie Bowman

NTAP cover.jpg

Title: Never Trust a Pirate (Playful Brides #7)


Valerie Bowman

Facebook: @ValerieBowmanAuthor

Twitter: @ValerieGBowman



Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 4/5

Where to get it:


Barnes & Noble


Indie Bound


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