Review: Passion Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee


Title: Passion Becomes Her

Author: Shirlee Busbee

Published: 1st July 2010

Publisher: Zebra

Source: Library

Rating: 2/5

Goodreads Summary

Thief Of Hearts
Forced to resort to a life of crime in order to support his siblings, Asher Cordell is now ready to walk the straight and narrow path. But when an old rival, the Marquis of Ormsby, infuriates him with his insipid arrogance, Asher cannot resist stealing the pompous fool’s famous diamond. However, he’s shocked to discover he isn’t the only intruder in Ormsby’s library. The culprit is none other than his beautiful neighbor, Juliana Greeley. Asher has known Juliana since childhood and has always harbored a secret affection for her. When she asks Asher to steal letters Ormsby is using to blackmail her sister, he’s happy to oblige. Embarking on a bold scheme that gives way to an equally fiery passion, the adventurous pair discover a love neither can live without…


This is going to be a very short review. Very short. To be honest the book was very boring. The plot was flimsy and did not leave a lasting impression on me. The whole debacle of trying to get Julianna to marry him (Asher) was done and over with by the time we reached the middle section of the book and suddenly there is a new dilemma/problem faced by Asher and Julianna’s character is swept to the side like some old trash. This is problematic for me as I like my heroine’s strong and independent and like the infamous line from ‘Dirty Dancing’ “Nobody puts baby in the corner”. It hurts me to say that this historical romance bored me to sleep… I would say death but I am not ready to die yet due to the fact that a few movies I want to watch isn’t out yet.

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