Review: Dare Me by Rebecca Shea


Title: Dare Me (Dare Me #1)

Author: Rebecca Shea

Published: 28th March 2016

Publisher: Rebecca Shea Author LLC

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Summary

Five coworkers.
Four drinks.
Three glances.
Two fleeting smiles.
One dare.

A dare that will change my life.

That’s all it takes to send me plummeting into the arms of the mysterious Holt Hamilton. Behind his crystal blue eyes is a secret, one that screams danger but calls to me anyway.

My name is Saige Phillips.

I never walk away from a dare.


The book was okay for me, I enjoyed it but it didn’t leave a lasting impression on my mind and I am pretty sure in a few weeks time I would forget about it.

I really really disliked the insta-love in this book. Insta-lust I can totally understand but insta-love is really hard for me to understand how can you love somebody so fast when you barely get to know them and I say this in relation to the book/plot is because their relationship (Saige and Holt) progressed really fast and I find that really unsettling because why the rush? And you seriously can’t be serious that you can fall in love with somebody mere days of being with AND sleeping with them. Yes, I understand that Holt is a very handsome and gorgeous man with a body to die for and if I were Saige I would most probably fall for him just as fast too but hey you can’t because what if he is a serial killer? I mean look at Ted Bundy the man is handsome and he is a very infamous serial killer AND necrophiliac totally unrelated to the plot but I am sure you guys can understand what I am trying to convey here.

Also, I find Saige a bit too young not only for Holt but the whole plot. If she were in her mid-twenties then maybe I wouldn’t find the whole idea of the relationship progressing fast to be disconcerting. I am here reading on their relationship and I am all ‘girl, you for real don’t want to slow down? I mean there is no rush ya know’.

The plot was quite predictable too as I figured out what Holt was hiding quite early on because from the way he acts it seems like he knew Saige from before she worked for him and also he is antsy about his past so using the power of deduction I deduced that what he was hiding had something to do with his father and also Saige’s past and I can confidently say that my powers of deduction was spot on. Why nobody hired me to be a private investigator I have no idea considering I am awesome at it (I am just joking, it is only good when I read books and not real life huh).

There is one part of the plot where I cried and it was when Saige’s dog, Murphy, was put down. God, the waterworks just came out because it was this year that I lost my cat, Sunday. I had him for 10 years man. 10 years of my life was with him and he died because of old age and he ran away to die so I wouldn’t see him dying. God damn I legit cried in public when my neighbour told my mom that they found him and helped to bury him. I looked for him for weeks man when ran away from home and when I found out I cried for two days straight. I’ll post his pic below for you guys to see and damn this review is all over the place which I hope you guys don’t mind.

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