Review: Who does he think he is? by Emily Kerr


Title: Who does he think he is?

Author: Emily Kerr

Published: 15 December 2016

Publisher: Crooked Cat Books

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 4/5 anythings

Goodreads summary

Lady Aurelia Osbourne-Lloyd has long wished her bank balance was as big as her name. But her home, Leydale Park, is more of a pile in a state than stately pile, and with her father off ‘finding himself’ in Thailand, it’s up to her to turn the family fortunes around by entertaining demanding tourists.

When – thanks to her father’s interference – a Hollywood production company chooses the estate as a location for a Regency movie, a whole new level of chaos enters Aurelia’s life. Her quiet days shattered and privacy non-existent, she has no choice but to go with the flow and let them take over.

Never mind the added distraction of dishy leading man, Xander Lord, who may have an ulterior motive for wanting to get close to her…

Can Aurelia keep her cool in light of all the upheaval?


Another day another book. At this rate I will even complete my updated reading challenge of reading 55 books in a year. 55 books isn’t as much when compared to other readers but hey I tried my best, I might update it again if I reach the 55 books milestone. (Mind you I wrote this review on 7th of December so I am confidently sure that I will surpass 55 books)

With todays’ review I will be discussing the book ‘Who does he think he is’ by Emily Kerr. After reading ‘Killing Jane’ by Stacey Green I was in need of a book that was light and funny and predictable. Emphasis on the predictable, due to ‘Killing Jane’ totally killed my reading high of which you can read why in my review here.

This book is just the book to cure me from a buzzkill read because it ticks all the boxes. Funny? Check. Light read? Check. Predictable? Check.

Now, the reason why I did not give it a 5 was because of the ending but I’ll get to that later. First, I liked the banter and interaction between our two main characters, Xander and Aurelia. I find their interaction to be sweet and funny especially since Aurelia herself is already funny to begin with what with her inner monologues talking about how her house is so huge that “a burglar could probably camp out here for a week without getting discovered”. I was a bit miffed that there weren’t more interactions between because when they do become an item it lacked that extra oomph of which I had hoped would happen. They just kind of got together quite fast without much interactions to bind them together although if it was me and some hot actor I’d fall for him quite as fast too now that I am thinking about it. Hmm…

This leads me to the ending, because of said lacking oomph and interactions when they got together at the end I was bit like okaayyyyyy because Xander is all taking the relationship to a whole new level of seriousness which kind of did not appear throughout their interactions.

Also, the end of the plot did not explain how them being together will resolve Aurelia’s finances in the long run. Like is he going to help her financially? Is she going to do more house tours because of him since they are dating and he did use the house as a movie set. Realistic boring stuff like that bothered me a bit if I have to be honest but overall this book is still a great read for its quirky characters, its humor and how it is a fun and happy read.

*A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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