Wednesday Feels

Today’s post is going to be another diary entry. I have got to be honest guys, I am very self-conscious of my blog. It is the basic of basics. I don’t have fancy headers, even my ratings it is just words or numbers. I don’t have those snazzy pics I always see on other blogs. It’s not that I don’t want to have snazzy ratings or funny gifs. I don’t know how to get nor apply the snazzy pictures and neither do I have the time. I don’t have internet at home so usually my reviews/posts, I will write it during my lunch hour at work or when work is sparse and there is nothing much to do. So it’s always a rush to write them hahahah.

Then there’s bookstagram. God, I tried man. I really did try and take really pretty pictures of books but they take so much time of my already very limited time. That isn’t even including the time needed to actually edit them. I have no idea how people do this actually. Juggle life, work, family, chores, reading, reviewing books AND take beautiful pictures for bookstagram. I know and do realize that comparison is the thief of joy but I can’t help it. The grass is always greener on the other side. So I kind of forgo my bookstagram and reverted back to my personal one. Maybe I am just not built for bookstagram as even my own personal instagram barely has new pictures.

I guess this post is just me acknowledging that I do realize that my blog has its shortcomings and I am trying to improve both in aesthetics and also my writing. I just need time and *hopefully* money to finally get internet at home.

I am really glad I do have loyal followers who do read my posts and was with me especially when I went through a reading slump and drama in my life causing me to be MIA for two months.

Update on the Wednesday feels post. I SUH-WEEEARR to God this phase of reading romance novels is slowly becoming a full blown addiction! My Netgalley shelf list is all romance novels now… I can’t help it man! They are so fast and sooooo easy to read, I just whiz through them like eating MnM’s and we all know how murder mysteries the quality fluctuated especially if you are like me where you read anything but with romance novels they tend to have a template and most of them are quite enjoyable. I never thought I’d see the day that I am addicted to romance novels.

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