Ezza’s Beauty Corner

This post will be something totally unrelated to books. I will be doing a review of some skincare I just recently purchased from Althea.

For this post I will be doing a review for the ‘Killing Star Foam Cleanser’ by Chica-Y-Chico.

Image result for killing star foam cleanser review


Name: Killing Star Foam Cleanser

Brand: Chica-Y-Chico

Price: RM 40.00

Bought from: Althea 

About Product

KILLING STAR CLEANSER is an one stop cleanser which melts from skin waste and even the thickest make-up. Dust kill capsules gently roll on the skin and remove old dead cells, excess sebum and blackheads without any irritation. Remove your make-up in one shot with Killing Star Cleanser! you don’t need many steps and it’ll leave moisture.

It promises to:

  • Deep cleanse without double-cleansing
  • Remove blackheads
  • Moisture face after using
  • Cleanse face without irritation
  • Removes excess sebum


Jojoba Esters – Made from hydrogenated Jojoba, it is used to substitute wax in a balm and butter.


  • Sunflower Seed Oil- used as an emollient (emollient means to moisturize, or to soothe)
  • Sweet Almond Oil- used to soften chapped skin and kill germs
  • Coconut Oil – soften the skin
  • Olive Oil- moisturizes

The surfactant used in Killing Star Cleanser are from extracted palm oil and succinic acid according to the site.


First Impression

  • Really liked the packaging; it made me feel like the product was a badass what with the black packaging and the color of the cleanser which was gold.

What I love

  • Loved the smell. The scent was very lemon-y and I loved it!
  • After cleansing my face with it, my skin did not feel dry or tight.


What I disliked

  • It did not remove all of my make up even after washing my face twice. It removed my eyeshadow, eyebrow tint, foundation, sunscreen, matte lipstick easily but for some reason my eyeliner just WOULD NOT BUDGE (That is what I’d call anti-smudge and waterproof). I had to use oil to clean the eyeliner.
  • Price is a bit expensive. I bought it thinking that it was a 2 in 1 thing where I do not need to double cleanse anymore.





Whilst it is great as a cleanser it was not as great as I had hoped it would be as it did not fulfill the whole cleanse ALL of your makeup promise thing. I highly recommend people to still do double cleansing especially if you have a full face of make up on but if you just used very light make up such as BB cream and lip gloss only using this cleanser to wash your face will be sufficient.

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