Top Ten Tuesday: Fav TV shows

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.
And for this week the topic is: In Honor of Fall tv, do a tv-themed topic!
And I chose to do MY FAV TV SHOWS EVER!
*Not really for some shows anymore but you get the gist*


  1. Sherlock


I LOVE THIS SHOW. GAAAAAAHHHH!!! I love the first two seasons, Sherlock and Watson were so bad ass it was not legit! But alas the third season disappointed me. The antagonist was so… so.. lame. He seemed so much more sinister and evil than Moriarty at first and his person completely collapsed towards the end. It is all good though because for a show of which only has 3 2-hour-episodes PER SEASON I can rewatch it over and over and over and over again and never get bored. Borderline obsessed but its fine, this is what happens when you only get 3 episodes per season. Which reminds me I lost all of the episodes when my harddisk went bust. I swear I have never missed watching Sherlock so much. Supernatural can only do so much to fill in the hole left in my gaping heart. I mean Dean Winchester can only make me forget Sherlock for so long before the heart remembers man.

I just googled when is season 4 out it is out next year. Sometimes I really do question the legitimacy that is called life.


  1. CSI: Las Vegas


The 2000-ish CSI: Las Vegas was my ultimate fav and I do mean ULTIMATE! Especially when Gil Grissom was still around. He was so perfect. Gil was kinda like Sherlock; an oddball genius. William Petersen pulled Gil Grissom so well when he left the show it wasn’t the same anymore and whilst I stayed partially loyal in watching it, it lost its x-factor for me. He broke my tween heart dang it! I was not prepared for such emotional trauma although when he came back for the very last season of CSI I did not take my eyes off the tv for even a minute just in case I missed the show.

My second fav CSI show is CSI: New York because I liked Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor. CSI: Miami is okay for me not one of my favs but I do watch it from time to time. I am not really into CSI: Cyber, not that it isn’t good I just don’t really connect with the show I guess.


  1. Criminal Minds


This show was great fun to watch and even though the cast changed here and there throughout its lifespan it didn’t make me lose interest in the show.


  1. Castle


This show is super fun because of Nathan Fillion. His character is a smart idiot and I love his characters relationship with his daughter and it was sweet how Beckett and Castle got together.


  1. Bones


This show used to be one of my fav shows to watch back in the day because the show is fun and catchy with all the squints being oddballs. I rarely watch it now because I have been busy and the show seems to be really stretching the plot and it seems kind of repetitive.


  1. X-files


Its x-files guys. X-FILES! Must I explain myself? I think not because helloooo X-FILESSSS!


  1. Fringe


I only watched up to Season 2 but from what I heard from my friend the plot kind of went downhill after that but anyhoots I still enjoyed season 1 & 2 of Fringe and I like the whole science to explain the monsters and the alternate reality/parallel universe. Because of this show I studied hard man thinking I could one day become a mad genius like Peter Bishop. I also really liked the thought of where how far can you push science before it gets out of hand? And how will people use it; will it be for good? Or for evil?


  1. The Amazing World of Gumball


Don’t judge me on this. I find the show funny and relaxing and most of all funny and idiotic.

9. The Nanny


OMG guys! When I was growing up this was the show I watched with my mom and even back then it was HILARIOUS!

Honorable mentions


It isn’t really one of my fav shows to watch. I watch it from time to time. I mean I can only handle so much sacrificing yourself for your brother for almost every season okay. Other than that annoying bit I find the show entertaining because of Dean Winchester. It does help that he is SO easy on the eyes and when he became a demon in god knows which season I was like ‘well if demons look like him in real life I might just sign myself up’. He is so dreamy *swoons*

I am watching old season of Supernatural lately like binge watching while I do my brush lettering thing and let me tell you I have been having the most awesome dream ever!! Every night it’s a different kick ass dream! Just yesterday I dreamt I was a hunter hunting down a siren and the day before that I was a hunter helping the Winchester bros out of a tight spot and let’s just say they owe me.

And I purposely chose the early season pic of the two to showcase how dreamy they are.




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