WWW Wednesdays!!!



This is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words and pretty much you just answer the three questions below and voila! You’re done.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently reading

Well I am still reading ‘The Bone clocks‘ by David Mitchell. I keep getting distracted by other books. Other books that I am currently reading is ‘Landline‘ by Rainbow Rowell and ‘Stop Press Murder‘ by Peter Bartram. My schedule is so hectic now I have no idea how will I ever finish reading these books let alone books in my TBR list what with my workout schedule, a full-time job, chores and a sliver of a social life. What I can say for now about these books is that they are not what I initially thought it would be for example I thought ‘Landline’ was going to be a YA novel, nope. It’s a story about a marriage on the rocks. ‘Stop Press Murder’, I initially thought it was going to be a run of the mill detective murder mystery but turns out its from the POV of a journalist (I didn’t read the blurb okay?).


Recently Finished

If you ask me what book have I recently recently finished, I would just say ‘The Silkworm‘ by Robert Galbraith buttttttt if you asked me about recently (give or take a week and a few days) I would say I finished ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‘ by J. K. Rowling and ‘Love Comes Later‘ by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar. You can find my review for it here and here for HP and Love Comes Later respectfully. I am still in the works of finishing the review for ‘The Silkworm’ so just hold on tight yeah.


Reading Next

This took willpower of steel not to just continue with the series immediately but the next book I will be reading is ‘Career of Evil‘ by Robert Galbraith and maybe ‘Killer on the Fens‘ by Joy Ellis and damn it Netgalley! Can you give me books in the CORRECT ORDER! I read number 2 of the (what I think is) Fens series and now I request for this book and then BAM! find out its book number 4. NUMBER FOUR! I do not like this trend of skipping a book in a series because it leaves me clueless on what the heck is going on sometimes but I did like reading it so Imma just whatev this and read it.


  1. Loved The Bone Clocks, and all books by JK’s pennamesake 🙂 Also- how much money do you actually make from your ko-fi button?? That’s pretty neat! I was thinking of adding it but seeing as I just discovered it via your blog I wanted to get some feedback first.

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    1. The Cormoran Strike series is awesome for me. Glad you enjoyed it 😀
      unfortunately so far I have no money made from the ko-fi button… 😥 but i thought it was neat concept and just let it stay hahahah



  2. I’ll be reading The Bone Clocks later this year with my book club. I’ve got Landline on my shelf for a later day. I liked The Silkworm and seeing as you have the third on your Next list, I’m thinking you did, too! Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

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