Top Ten Tuesdays: Childhood Favorites


It’s a double post today guys. Didn’t expect I would do a surprise extended review discussion but hey it’s a book blog!

Todays Top Ten Tuesday topic is a rewind topic so I can do or re-do topics I have missed and so on and so forth. As per usual Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish . So enjoy my post for todays top ten Tuesday 😀

Childhood Favorites:

  1. R. L. Stine
    • Goosebumps
    • Fear Street
      • I loved reading these when I was a kid both because it was easy to read and it was so interesting. I upgraded to Fear Street when Goosebumps stopped being scary and I loved how Fear Street series show that the danger or threat can be an array of things: psychological, magic, ghosts etc
  2. Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene
    • I think I can confidently say that it is because of this series that I love mystery novels. Although as I had gotten older it was annoying that Nancy was perfect in every way which was hard to relate to especially since I am Asian and have dark brown eyes instead of blonde with blue eyes but still it was a good series.
  3. Harry Potter series
    • This is a no brainer. I remember when I was in primary school and my whole class was reading Harry Potter and then we would discuss about it. It was loads of fun.
  4. Meg Cabot books
    • I love her books and it annoys me that I read some of her series inconsistently due to it being unavailable either in bookstores or in the library.
  5. Enid Blytons books

I know I have read more but for some reason I can’t recall any of them that really stood out other than ones shown above.

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