Continuation of yesterdays review


God I just can’t let this book go huh? I just read a review by Flavia the Bibliophile and it has made me re-think a few aspects of my own review and yeah I said discussion but its mostly discussion about the book with myself prompted by other peoples reviews. Does that even make sense?

In my review , I stated that I couldn’t handle the relationship of the antagonist, Delphi, with Voldemort because I kept thinking of Voldy as an amoeba. Where they are asexual and do reproduction by mitosis in Voldys case, he instead of splitting his cells literally split his own soul apart. So, Voldy = Amoeba. But after reading Flavia’s review I started thinking and thinking and thinking that maybe I am seeing Voldemort with the wrong eyes and thus the wrong the perspective. So I thought to myself what if he (Voldy) was more like Joker? He was just being manipulative and abusive like the douche that he is? I mean look at Joker and Harley… He definitely DEFINITELY does not have a healthy relationship with her does he? and even if he does show a bit of affection it is just to manipulate Harley to do his nefarious plans. I got this whole thought thing because I just recently finished watching Suicide Squad which is a wholeeee ‘nother ball game. Should I review that movie? (Okay Ezza focus). Anyways seeing it from that view/perspective I decided to change the latter part of my review to me being slightly (just slightly) okay to the idea of their relationship but I still think the antagonists motive for bringing back the Dark Lord was weak and humanized her which in turn can make her save-able and I like my bad guys to just be bad guys because they can and not because of anything else like I dunno daddy issues or something.

And okay I will tell you why I at first REALLY DID NOT AGREE NOR LIKE THEIR RELATIONSHIP… by introducing Delphi and her relationship with Voldy. That relationship alone humanized dear ol’ Voldy and I did not want him to be humanized. I did not want to know that he too had basic human needs nor wants which showed that he was still human no matter how physically deformed his face was. All this while Voldemort for me was this mysterious entity and whilst we (I) do now about his background being an orphan and what not he only showed disgust to his true parentage. Damn it ya’ll! he killed his parents and grandparents in COLD BLOOD WHEN HE WAS A TEEN. If that ain’t GANGSTA I do not know what is. So by giving Voldemort sexual urges, ya’ll humanized him and okay I get that people do get sexual urges I mean I do too but it would be more understandable if he was younger but making him have a sexual encounter before the Battle of Hogwarts is just kinda like what? You trying to loosen up or something Voldy? Aren’t you I dunno supposed to be planning your ultimate VICTORY??!!!! You can damn straight party all night long after said battle ain’t it? I put Voldy on a bad guy pedestal man and for him to be humanized he fell of said pedestal and flat on his nose-less face.

Gosh wow I did not expect this to be a rant post but anyways main point, I am grudgingly opening my mind towards the relationship between Delphi and Voldemort although it still doesn’t make her any stronger of an antagonist in my eyes. I think I like my bad guys kinda like Joker, they just wanna see the whole world burn for no absolute reason.


  1. Oh wow! I’m honoured that my review affected you so deeply!

    I didn’t even touch on that aspect of the book in my review…somehow. Your discussion really pointed out some of the weaknesses which the play brought out in Delphi AND Voldemort! I think that those things were bugging me too…but I wasn’t able to put what bugged me into words. Thank you for doing that to us both! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! 😀 im so happy I had this discussion thing with you because I have wanted to talk about the book for ages with someone who actually read it (most of my friends dont read harry potter and they’re not bookworms)

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      1. Aweee I know that feeling all too well! No one that I talk to IRL has read it yet and it’s driving me nuts haha. So I’m glad we can discuss it too 😁

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